Monday, June 15, 2009


Wwoe. This place is sprawling. Istanbul, seriously, I’ve heard is the largest city in Europe. With a population of 17 million and a city pretty much spread over a sizeable portion of the European continent and Asian continent, this place is rather large.

Istanbul. I’m in fucking Istanbul.

The Turks dig their flag. Every few hundred metres is a large pole with the obligatory red and half moon. In case you might’ve forgotten where you were.

We are amazaed. Seriously, sun goes down at 10, mosques where people ‘eey ya yahh ichbal ya ha yah’ with each other and compete with their prayer vibe.
It’s in credibly beautiful, reminds me of Athens, except with Muslim people.

We went site seeing yesterday, after Peas had a large night out with a German friend and a Turk – to a club where you can see 360 views of the city.

They dig their rooftop vibe here. And what a fucking good idea actually – every vibe spot has a bar on the top of the building, which comprises views of the entire city. It looks like Venice with all the water, just bigger, and again more, Islamic looking.

We went Mosqueing, as in wash feet, bare foot, cover yourself up with scarves and shit. And then sitting on the kleim and cusions, sucking on a hubbly, drinking the local beer.

Being hit on. ‘I do not bite you.’


I own carpet company, I do not bite anyone for 25 years.’

‘Cool…..and awesome and thanks.’

‘I am not cannibal.’

‘Ok then.’

‘Fuck me. Fuck me now.’

‘No. Bye freak.’

Thought of barking at him like a dog, and tried, but didn’t deter.

These Turks make a hard sell in the world of bad pick up lines to get into one’s doondies.

Met up with all our colleagues from other emerging markets and drank a fuckload of mojitos on the rooftop of a building, with bar and pool overlooking the world.

You think it's bad owning a Saffa passport? Think again. Our poor colleague who owns a Zim guy – good lord A Zim passport – wasn’t allowed into the country.

He flew via Dubai, in total covering 14 hours, and was promptly treated like a criminal, and whacked onto a flight not two hours later back to South Africa. FORTY EIGHT HOURS OF FLYING STRAIGHT. Because he had a Zim passport and that isn't so much as recognised here. Am so sad he couldn’t make it and they chucked him out. What a fuck up. Wwe miss him.

We are having a bloody sterling time. Lapping up meze and tapas, and mojitos and beer and Turkish sites and…fuck I bought a painting. Will be great to walk around the tube with this bad boy.

Convenient. Practical. Fuck. But damn it’ll look good in my lounge.

It’s a print of that Afhgan girl with the striking green eyes from the National Geographic

Went on a boat ride up the Bosphorus, eyeing out houses, palaces and shit for the afternoon, pissed on beer. Wwas super pleasant. Wow we feel so lucky.

Today the work starts. All day.

But still. Hello. I’m in Turkey.

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DelBoy said...

I loved Istanbul and Turkey in general. I spent a month travelling around and enjoying all things Turkish, including the fantastic Hamams, delicious food and amazing sights. Must say though, it's a little freaky when they start speaking in Afrikaans to you! (A lot of Turks worked on Mosgas near Mossel Bay.)