Friday, June 12, 2009

let the trek begin

Still not calm, excitement reaching fever pitch.

Besides work, I plan to do a lot of playing over the next 10 days. Let’s just say I’m tremendously excited for more reasons than one.

But the reason I’m going: starting this weekend, a bit of work in Istanbul; a bit of work in London.

‘Course the weather predicts buckets of sheet rain pouring onto Istanbul on one of the days we get to site see.
Speaking of raining down, say, didn’t a bomb go off in Istanbul last week?

I arrived in Israel last year the day they decided to launch 25 missiles from the Gaza Strip or something. After months of peace.

So, hopefully that won’t happen.

God. Enough doomsday of planes and shrapnel already, I can barely take it.

The cool stuff includes harems.

There are harems in Turkey. Will visit this huge palace where sheiks and the likes enjoyed a hedonistic era of food, massages and endless sex. Interesting.

Oh and YouTube is banned. Can’t, for love or money, watch a video on YouTube. Unless you’re the president. Muslim country. Censorship; issues; must take appropriate wardrobe.

They also have their own variation of ouzo. Maybe leaning more towards Moonshine. I do very bad things on ouzo. I can hold my tequila [Lie. I just don’t [really] drink tequila anymore], but have done some crazeee things on that stuff. As godawful as it tastes.

Wouldn’t mind living the tourist dream of parking off on a kelim, banging away at a hubbly bubbly, enjoying an aperitif of Moonshine bought from the local bazaar, wearing a scarf over my face.

There’s something about packing for a trip.

Taking your nice doondies, at least one pair of red heels, two bottles of Diemersfontein Pinotage for my foreign friends who haven’t had the privilege of drinking South Africa’s finest, A Black Coat for London, a brolly, chargers, hair irons, cables, cords, international plug converters, camera paraphernalia, nice bra’s, Oyster Card for the tube, The HotSpot Guide To Istanbul, headscarf for the mosque, tweezers for my Mediterranean eyebrows, turn Out Of Office reply on, passport, tickets, forex….fuck. Forgot to get fucking forex. For the visa.

Look, you could send me to Belarus right now. As long as it’s warmer than this place, seriously, I’m happy to go anywhere.


Monkigirl said...

Ugh... so jealous. Just shuttapa your face. In fact, just cover it with said scarf.

Peas on Toast said...

Monki - haha ok ok. Fine.

* scarf over face like Taliban *

Nessers said...

Travel safe young Peas and be careful you don't get abducted by those sheiks for their Harem heheh

icepick said...

As I checked my RSS reef, I thought for a second there that you may have gon and perhaps watched Star Trek...

That would have been Instant Nerd Cred right there.

My bad. :)

Revolving Credit said...

Be careful mixing sheiks, harems and moonshine!

One moment you're parking off on a kelim, banging away at a hubbly thing you know you're parking off on a kelim, banging away at a bubbly hubby

tyrone said...

Nice doondies and bras for a visit to censorshipville? Thinking that scarf over your face will get the guys huh?

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Nessers :)

icepick - yeah can't say I am a Trekkie. Work in the tech industry though, does that count?


Rev - and the issue would be....? ;)

tyrone - Muslims aren't my target market :)