Friday, June 19, 2009

london town

Running around the tube with a four foot picture of the National Geographic Afghan girl, under the arm, lugging a massive suitcase, handbags, laptop bags, generally causing a mad rush, being a bit of a dude, lugging it up to our London office.

So not a good look.

It's average, public transporting, with a fucking easel under your armpit. Not ideal. But fuck it's great to be in London. Am going to be pah-layyyying this weekend, oh baby, am I going to be pah-laying.

London is still one of my favourite cities. You always have a great time, it's mid-summer, the pints are cold, and I am so lucky to be here for 4 days.

Had a big night out last night with a Brit friend of mine who is quite a unit, and we sat by the river in Putney quaffing wine and talking shit. Nice ease into London.

Oh goodie. Lunch.


Ruby said...

Whoah no ways! PUTNEeeY! I'm staying with friends of the bf in Putney! :) East Putney or Putney Bridge? ;)

Kate said...

oh oh oh pleassssse have a pimss for me.. there's nothing better than a Pimms in summer in london town!! with cucumber and strawberries and orange etc!
oooh or a pimpom! Pimms and Pomegranate juice mmmm so british!