Monday, June 08, 2009

so not a good look

Went out with Ant and 3RM on Friday night.

One of our mates was opening up the newly-ramped up Kitchener’s Carvery Bar in Braamfontein, so it was an excuse to go out and get messy. And messy it was.

Our mate put in the email to everyone: It’s a Heritage Site, so please don’t bugger it up, which I found quite funny. Imagining people swinging chairs about the place and behaving like Man U supporters on the last tube home.

Ant and I had a few cocktails at the Skye Bar on top of the Holiday Inn first, and can I just say – as a smoker who tries to be at the best of times, slightly considerate – when I am clearly on quite an intense phonecall outside, don’t fucking approach me and say, ‘Hey, do you have a cigarette for me?’

So if that was you: yes, that’s why I killed you with a bollocking hairy eyeball. Have some manners for fuck’s sake.

God. Kids these days.

Anyway, we headed to Braamfontein. Haven’t been out that side for, like, ever, and it hasn’t changed. Ant and I were discussing why all the men felt the need to wear fucking Pete Doherty hats and look like they belonged to Babyshambles,. While the chicks in their company looked like tortured art students.

Back when I was an art student, all very impressionable and wearing outfits that intend to shock and cause consternation amongst the more conservative groups amongst us, wasn’t out of the question.

But now this dire lack of self/identity crises, and the need to ‘Art It Up’ to the point where one looks nothing short of ridiculous, just annoys me.
The group sitting next to us were purposefully trying to look fucked up. Not because they thought their clothes were all cutting edge and crazy, they wanted to look like Emo Kids with psychological issues.

And Emo is just depressing.

Cool pub though – what with the velvet walls, good choonage, bad ventilation, cheap alcohol and food. Everything one expects out of a good pub. I will be back. On the night perhaps when Pete Doherty’s fanclub is being emo elsewhere.

3RM didn’t skip a beat, and his jibs at my Francophile ancestry were spot on, just like old times:
“I see you frogs are battling to keep planes in the air.”

Peas: Oh yeah? I suppose you’re proud of the fact Nando’s has taken a franchise to London now are you. Perinaise anyone?

3RM: Whatever, Charles de Gaulles. (He says it ‘Charles’ not ‘Charl’ with the silent ‘s,’ and that makes me very very bovvered.)

We ended up walking the streets of Braamfontein for a while, one of Ant’s impulsive Italian ideas, and in red heels and extreme paranoia of being mugged, we finally drove to Melville for a nightcap at Ratz.

I am of the opinion now that Melville, sadly, is more dangerous than town. Braamfontein is clean and secure; Melville has become way seedier on a Friday night than I remembered.

We helped Ant choose some wedding songs. She didn’t like my suggestions of Usher’s I Wanna Make Love In This Club or Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.

But why?

PS: Bye little Poen. I'm missing you already my sweet friend. I hate Byes, so Saturday was more of a 'See ya later - in September.' It's one helluva sad day though :(


Revolving Credit said...

So, did you go all Kate Moss on anyone's ass?

Peas on Toast said...

As in did I bring out my party drugs? ;)

No, I asked Pete Doherty Junior to keep my table for me. :)

tyrone said...

I also wonder about this from time to time.

What's up with jeans around your thighs?

1) It makes you look like you're parking a coil.

2) It doesn't show any shape so what are you advertising?

I like fashion and I like to wear trendy stuff. I like distressed jeans, but a whole distressed wardrobe?

tyrone said...

Am I getting old????????????

Peas on Toast said...

Tyrone - if you are, you're in good company :)

No seriously, the ironic thing about this crew is that they reckon they're unique or different. When in fact they're conforming more to something that we are :)

tyrone said...

FINALLY! Someone agrees with me.

YES PEAS, YES! They conform much more. And considering the lengths to which they go to fit in, my guess is they have a much deeper need to fit in than us.

Peas on Toast said...

Tyrone, exactly! While you and I are generally happy in jeans, they go to HUGE lengths to look fucked up. And in itself it means one thing: lack of personal identity and therefore the need to fit in elsewhere.

Revolving Credit said...

Well, if you're going out I reckon wearing your jeans around your thighs is probably more advisable then weraing them around your ankles.

It may be different and get you noticed but you'll look like a right twat when you walk around waddling like a duck!

Peas on Toast said...

Rev you've dahsed my dreams.

One of the hugest aspects of new look was to walk around like a duck.