Friday, June 05, 2009

do we even have an army anymore?

I had a recurring dream last night. Over and over and over again.

It was rather disturbing, because it involved low flying jets, carpet bombs, missiles and pieces of meteorite flying out of the sky and a whole bunch of us stuck in a house with the South African army, who appeared, it seemed, were completely high on something.

It was all very surreal, for one there was lots of shit flying about, and for two, it was noisy. My dream was fucking noisy.

I know I had a bit of Diemers over dinner, but hell.

Feeling a bit worrisome today - is the end nigh? Does this spell impending doom of some kind?



icepick said...

Evidently your Nostradamus skill isn't completely up to scratch, as you left out your last and final shag just before impending doom.

Besides, according to numerous other prophecies, the world has probably already ended 12 - 100 times. So..just slightly late.

But its good to know u dream like the rest of us tho :)

icepick said...

..oh and an encounter with the divine :)


Peas on Toast said...

Icepick - theoretically you are correct. The world has indeed ended a few times, and I have yet to have a 1:1 encounter with the 'Divine.'

However a final shag? The Universe would be too kind. I have given up hope on having sex anytime soon, if not forever.

Sorry - cynical mood today :( Could be the meteorites.

Eric Sibanyoni said...

I used to have a shit load of those when i was a little boy, and i dreamt that it was so bad that my whole family tried to flee to Botswana and we were refused entry.
those used to be horrible , because i had to sleep with my mom ,while my younger sister slept on her own her room.
i used to feel like such a sissy

icepick said...


...Followed by rolling credits of course.

Peas on Toast said...

Eric - hectic! Shame man, as a little kid you have everty right to run to your mum's room - I would've done the same! As an adult this makes me a sissy, because I was cold sweating last night.

Icepick - nah, don't worry 'bout it :) It's not a 'woe is me, bloob bloob' scenario, I've just accepted the fact that this may be the case. C'est la vie!

Secret said...

Hah! At least you had the chance to dream last night. My skylight was leaking so badly from the Cape Town rain torrents that I had to sleep on my little 2 seater couch. I woke up everytime the fridge switched on. 2 hours of sleep and not going strong. :|

Fuck Cape Town weather.

icepick said...


When ever I sleep in the couch, I have to fend off the ticking clock. Anyone else have these annoying nighttime irritations?

How about sleep paralysis? - thats some scary shit.

Nessers said...

I have also given up on getting shagged in the near future as all men in my age group (40+) all seem to be off their fucking heads so I am avoiding them like the plague - need to find a good 30 something cutie I think - oh and the world is always close to ending so I would not worry about it too much

Peas on Toast said...

Secret - oh no that sucks dogs hairy balls! It sounds like you had an even worse night than my couchsurfer!
And the drip drip drip of the skylight couldn't have been great either?

icepick - alarm systems. Going off in the night - and not the normal alarams, the car ones which are redirected through the hooter. FUCK.

Nessers - all seem to be off their fucking heads so I am avoiding them like the plague haha sorry hafta laugh. It seems men in their 20s are the same ;) At least some of the ones I've met...;)

Nessers said...

And they say chics have issues - I think it's them I really do - there are no chics I know who have as many issues or excuses that men have these days - total role reversal to 10 or even 5 years ago - they are all soft in their heads hehehe

Revolving Credit said...

So, the earth moved for you??...wet dream?