Friday, July 31, 2009

Was thinking about geeks last night. As you do.

I love them. Mostly, dependent of what kind of geek they are. I’ve always professed to loving a guy who is a little nerdy but also slightly eccentric, if not fiercely intelligent.
(Who doesn’t?)

You can’t stereotype, but some things can be roughly classified.

I liaise with geeks on a constant basis, I love working with them, and frankly, I consider myself to be a third geek, actually. Geeks are usually classified in three ways:
1) Hardcore
2) Chilled
3) Steve Urkel.

So Hardcore would be those insanely genius fellows who create algorithms of code, probably wear bifocals from the hours of computer exposure they’ve had since they were 1, the dress sense is questionable, and although they have IQs of 160 plus, they battle in the EQ department, and are usually rather introverted and speak in href forward slash.html.

The chilled ones are my favourite. They’re very savvy in the whole business, but don't necessarily code. Perhaps they fix hard drives, or implement technical strategies. They’re inclined to be eccentrically funny, dress all funky, be quite hot, and will party with you until the early hours of the morning.

And then there’s Steve Urkel. I haven’t embarked on anyone like him, like ever, so here’s hoping it stays that way.

In general, I love a good geek.

But I must be honest, there’s nothing worse than an arrogant one.

It grates me something chronic.

Whether they’re hardcore or chilled, they’re out there. The one’s who apparently know everything, and confidently believe they’re the cleverest people in the world.

While that might be true, and even if your name is a buzz word in the industry, and you’ve built unimaginable things, a humble geek will always be my favourite.

Must be honest, haven’t encountered a lot of girl geeks who fit into this category.

He-geeks can be very cocky. The purest forms of geek are very intelligent people, and they deserve recognition. But sometimes, the genius card gets a little old.

I always have great respect for geeks, and I’d love to be able to build stuff like search engines, aggregators, applications like they do.
But a small portion of geekdom has an inclination for ridicule, and to purposefully make others around them feel stupid.

You know the type - the one's who believe they're God's gift to humankind. Luckily they can be few and far between.

Nice geeks are the coolest people in the world.

In whichever higher IQ bracket they fall.

PS: This is why I love Ross Gellar.
PPS: Yes, he's real.


DelBoy said...

Girl geeks - Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan and Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds?
My wife tells me that I'm a geek and I guess I am a little. I would probably fall into your second category - "chilled" - 'cos I don't code (much) and I don't wear bi-focals. I don't dress eccentrically but I don't mind partying till the early hours of the morning either!

Peas on Toast said...

DelBoy - you don't need to be a coder to be a geek. At least in my opinion. I don't code by any means, but I work in other aspects of geekery all day.

You sound like a chilled geek to me - nice work :)

Monkigirl said...

I personally have a penchant for Science Nerds rather than the computer variety ;-)Very Ross Gellar-esque

Vimbai said...

Ooooh, i love me a Geek!

The PERFECT poster boy for all things Geek Chic is Seth Cohen from The OC (played by the scrumptious Adam Brody)

Be Still My Beating Heart :-)

Yah, but no Urkels please, eish!

Peas on Toast said...

Monki - oh I absolutely agree! The ones who scream 'Eureka!' at indefined moments, or get all excited about dinosaur bones and/or quantum physics.

But my heart has a special place for tech nerds.

But any geek, in general, sigh...I love 'em :)

Vimbai - oh my god, GIMME SOME SETH!

totally cooked said...

I would give my husband's kidney for a more geek oriented lifestyle & capabilities

Secret said...

Must admit, I am Geek Option 2 - and (PLUS!) Im a girl.
Being an It person makes you a geek I think, and I am very much technically inclined, so fixing a PC is fun for me (actually kinda, Im on my way to be a registered Microsoft Techie)...AND Im a GIRL! Lol.

PS, I was at work last night and a dude order some Diemers from me...I had to use super human strength to prevent myself from launching over the table and all but drink the vino straight from his mouth (drinking out the bottle is a bit uncouth for that type of restaurant, but animal, mouth drinking behaviour is still acceptable - the fact that he was hot didnt matter, of course). :)

Peas on Toast said...

Secret - wow! Nice!!! On both accounts - a registered techie and the hot guy coupled with the Diemers!

I'm also in IT, and I do find the problem solving aspect of my job fun and challenging. That is when I manage to fix the problem without breaking too much of a sweat ;)

Monkigirl said...

I married a science nerd of my own. When he wears his specs and starts talking about string theory... oh boy!

Peas on Toast said...

Oh you lucky lucky girl!

What I'd do for my very own science nerd with specs and theories of relativity!

That stuff makes me so hot. Does he have a friend? ;)

8ball said...


In their pockets they oft carry a comb
And have the gait of a small garden gnome
Women go week at the knees
Even our Peas
Lucky for me, girls can't resist a good poem

8ball said...

*cough*... that should be "weak"

Jesus, think I need a nap...

Monkigirl said...

You want someone to whisper sweet equations in your ear?

The Levi Store, "My Secret Diary" said...

Miss Peas.. Thanks for this post.. As to the geek thing..? Dont think I qualify.. Neither of the varieties on display. I think anyone that uses blogger point and press would surely hassle to find themselves classified as geek:-)
On the other hand I qualify as being known as Greek.. Because thats what I am. Most people say im Greek Light.. because the rough edges have been smoothed away. :-)
Lastly.. a deep thank you to your peep. He helped ensure that we had an all time record of true global interaction at The Levi Store. Such a good response!

8ball said...

hahaha....that might help monki...what does E equal again?

Peas on Toast said...

8ball - you owe me an UPDATE!
PS = mc2.

OOOh, that gave me a little shiver or pure pleasure...

Monki - YES YES! I REALLY DO! :)

Levi - Greek! So you're familiar with experimental and messy cooking, as my other Greek friend conveys?

icepick said...

In general, I love a good geek. general, you actually just love one particular type of person? :P

The super hot kind that sets the mood in the room, yet doesn't realize it? The one that can hold an intellectually stimulating conversation, before a glorious night filled with copious amounts of alcohol n dance, top-note screaming orgasms, Large Hadron Collider debates and finally...a Star Wars movie marathon?

Isn't that like...(I dont want to generalize...but ye)..every girls dream dude? not too smart, not too dumb, not too cool, not too buff...

The Levi Store, "My Secret Diary" said...

Yes for sure! Peas are done max 3 mins in the microwave! Other forms of heating may take a little longer. Sorrrrrrrreeeeeeeee!

8ball said...

mc² actually :)

Update next week...local...Tuesday or Wednesday...

Mini said...

WTF???? ROSS?????

My admiration ratings for you have just taken a downward spiral :)

Revolving Credit said...

Sounds like you're looking to get your geek on!

Nessers said...

I work in IT Recruitment so I talk to developers every day and I agree they are the nicest guys around if a little eccentric but one of my guys built his own PC from Scratch at age 12 and is now 22 with a PHD in some funky IT qualification and you know what he is so chilled about it and not arrogant at all - they reallyare so sweet

Peas on Toast said...

totallycooked - :)

icepick - totally! Just other girls don't realise that they are into geeks see. :)
Or won't admit it ;)

8ball - the sooner the better, I want to know ALL!
And you've just proved your geeability by making your 2 a squared. Nice.

Mini - he's...ridiculously lovable. tHE BEST fRIEND OF THEM ALL, TOTALLY!

Rev - always. Nothing's changed :)

Nessers - one of my guys built his own PC from Scratch at age 12 and is now 22 with a PHD in some funky IT qualification and you know what he is so chilled about it and not arrogant at all


Nessers said...

professional confidentially - sorry can't divulge names of candidates - but he is little do you really want someone so little heheheh?

Peas on Toast said...

How little are we talking? And does he speak in code or have normal conversations?

Nessers said...

with a PHD how little do you think he is heheh - all he talks about is coding and gaming and writing code for games blah blah - he has no social skills at all hehehe

Peas on Toast said...

Ah ok.

Still for about 30 minutes there, I was rather excited :)