Friday, July 03, 2009

hoodie rest

It’s been a while since that happened. At least in this country.

Eating steak with three strapping men.

I even tzackled a fillet, and I don’t usually whoreder steak in a restaurant. E is back in town from Egypt for a while, so managed to catch up over a glass of Diemers – the girl needs it – I now understand her vibe what with living in a Muslim country – and then had a delightful dinner with three gorgeous men.

Aren’t I a lucky bitch?

It was medium rare, with a side order of pepper sauce, FYI.

What an astute order, if I shan’t say so myself.

Have some plans to reintegrate into the social hemisphere this weekend. It’s a big step. I have the entire Friends series being shipped to me in nothing smaller than a crate from today, and yet, I’m thinking: perhaps I’m keen to don some heels and a bleedin’ frock and make heads and tails of a few social situations this weekend that otherwise I wouldn’t be interested in.

I’m coming back to life. Wow.

Thank God E is in town for the weekend, there’s enough reason to celebrate.

Question though. (I credit this to steak and wine at the Grillhouse, and because Big T was wearing a mohair suit. Which is mentionable, for the very reason it was fucken mohair):

You know how we all see life through our own set of glasses? Which means neither logic or reason is even applicable in a general sense, because that has to fall away if we’re all seeing life through out own opinions and experiences and eyes?

Does this make any iota of sense whatsoever or am I speaking absolute rubbish?

Say one person sees a situation like so. And you see the same situation very differently. In simple terms. Doesn’t that mean then, that all the wisdom and experience you have garnered over a period of time, mean nothing at all? Because everything is relative? To everything?


Abort control alt delete. Time for bed. I’m starting to sleep in a hoodie. Mock it all you want, but it keeps your fucken head warmer than a Philippino’s armpit on a particularly humid afternoon, and it also protects you from the dark that can be scary on your own, if, say, you’ve seen a nailbiting thriller just before bedtime.

Just saying. I might look as if I’m from Staines, and I might be thinking in inconclusive circles right now, but I also:
1) dined with three hot men
2) ate a steak
3) have a warm head
4) have nothing short of a fuck off interesting weekend ahead
5) dined with three hot men


po said...

Wow Peas, you just discovered the theory of relativity right there! One person's speed of light is another person's egg sandwich, and there is no such thing as true knowledge, and we are all stumbling around in the dark. Or something.

I may have my philosophers a bit confused there :)

Peas on Toast said...

po - One person's speed of light is another person's egg sandwich

wahahahahahahaha! I love it!

Thanks to the theory of relativity:
1) we're all fucked up
2) there's no chance of true world peace and convergence of strangers
3) we might as well give up trying to understand other people

That's not good news right there.

8ball said...

Right Peas I'm back.

And I've put you on the "keep-him-busy" roster for that drink next week

Of late my life's a hell of a ride
Moving forward and back like the tide
But 'twas a good break
To eat a rare steak
With some mushy peas on the side

iamdebbiedeb said...

you're sleeping in a hoodie???
would you like me to send you a pink leopard print all in one hello kitty jumpsuit to sleep in? (polar fleece btw) or a red elmo to match your heels? or black barbamama? yellow pikachu?

well i'll have to send you one when i can find one again- its summer here so can you wait until december?

ps is it really that cold in jozi?

Peas on Toast said...

8ball - excellent, it's about time :)

Pencil me in dude, you and I can start frequenting our local on an almost frenetic basis if that is what helps you ride out the tide. I'm all for it, and I also need to see the manor you speak of with the rolling hills. Serial.

debbie - totally bro. Fleece hoodies over the head, protects me from the boogie man, the cold and also feels like I have my own little tent. Either I'm finally losing my marbles or I have found something so cunning you could brush your teeth with it.

However - A JUMPSUIT?? Now you're talking. YES. YES. YES! NBS! YES!

Ps: yip it's really this cold in Jozi.

Secret said...

Many people dont know this (well actually thats a lie, most people who know me, know this) but, apart from being an expert I.T. extraordinaire, I also work in a restaurant part time to uphold my extravagantly expensive lifestyle - anyhow, while you dined with three hot men last night, I served about 40 OLD men. Sigh. No pleasure there, Im afraid.

I just lost my train of thought completely. Dammit.

Peas on Toast said...

Secret - serious doll? Asking for interest - if you work in IT and do a day to day job earning, I'm assuming, a reasonable amount of cash - what is deemed 'extravagant spending' that you'd also have to work in restaurant?
Sorry very personal question, but I'd love to know. :)
ie: Does it come in Jimmy Choo packaging? ;)

Revolving Credit said...

Women are supposed to make guys feel horny, not hungry but all that steak making me hungry baby!

Also, these glasses you're staring at life through, were they wine glasses?

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - Yeah, wine glasses indeed. Luckily wine glasses give a rose tinted edge, innit :)

You hungry for some meat Revvo?

Revolving Credit said...

Well, I'm up for something saucy.

icepick said...

You referring to differentiating between wisdom/knowledge/experience and perspective (ie looking through a glass)?

Like for instance, experiencing love is quite common for many. And the emotional wisdom garnered can be:

*Intense passion for someone
*A strong attachment to something
*Feelings of affection etc

Yet ones perspective on love can be entirely unique to the person, depending on the circumstances.

Ie how i see love, isn't how you gonna see love. As it depends on our current state of mind and well being. Yet the feelings experienced, are quite similar in comparison - those deep feelings.

This doesn't sound like its making sense to me either, but im trying :)

Peas on Toast said...

icepick - nah don't worry you make far m,ore sense than I, and frankly, it's a pretty thoery when all is said and done.

What I find completely contradictory is the nature of these two variables - the emotional versus the perspective. Which one to rely on? Torn in two directions with this. Eek, I need a tequila.

Rev - of course you do! ;)

icepick said...

Yup. Alcohol solves everything in high toxicity and outrageous doses. :)

Why not just trust that other crap...what they call it again? Intuition? Thats got me in a lot of shit haha

Ps. an element hoodie? Aha! :P

Peas on Toast said...

icepick - my intuition is sharpened, like a death-defying chisel. But even so, it's only led me down dark alleys and inot the arms of bad men.

So. With that said, I'll don my hoodie [GAP, FYI]put my head down and duck :)

icepick said...

Ahh so you can smell a chump before, or after a 5 minute conversation?

GAP!?! - blasphemy...

Peas on Toast said...

I know. Ironic considering the GAP in my intuitive skillz.

In the past I've only smelt the cump weeks later. Am doing some fine work in establishing this reaction earlier on these days. Trying.

Secret said...

Haha - it dcome in Jimmy Choo packaging actually! Not often though (and sometimes its all a farce - it comes in the packaging, but thats as authentic as it gets!).
Actually I just work in the restaurant coz Im an ADD kid who cant sit at home and do nothing - which is what i would do otherwise, and this keeps me busy and my bank savings account smiling at me.
The fact that I can afford sparkly, shiny, expesive things without having to touch my salary (which is for grown up things like rent) is just an added bonus! :)
Have a soopa evening!

Peas on Toast said...

Secret - well my dear, I'm nothing short of impressed. You're one hard working lady, and my hat goes off to ya! And of course the Choos :)

Jocelyn said...

Your philosophizing makes perfect sense, you hoodlum. But I wouldn't say it's all meaningless when it's profoundly meaningful to the individual in question, who needs all that experience as context to make sense of anything.

Okay, I'm impressed I even attempted that comment, as I'm mostly really wired that you had steak.