Monday, August 31, 2009

human tetris, prawns & the space

Crazy frantic visa getting at the moment.
Crazy frantic deadline delivery at the moment.
Crazy frantic sorting out other admin at the moment.

A weekend filled with admin and work mainly – and yet, I’m not really walking on the ground.

Oh and hello, all I can think of is the boot-shaped country kicking itself out of Europe.

Took a foreign mate out shopping on Saturday with the promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy anything.

Sometimes I can even be disciplined like that. It’s rare, but its been known to happen.
Since I just blew a bunch of cold hard shekels on a ticket to Italy, unplanned and on a whim.

Bloody went into The Space. You can’t go in there and not buy anything, so that was stupid submission of a weak level on my part.

Well I mean, come on. You gotta show foreign chicks the best of the best here – and frankly, the clothes smell of vanilla for days afterwards. Went a bit ape kak in there, but bought some fucking sexy summer frocks, so that’s got to count for something.

We even bought the same dress; but I figure I live here; she lives there, so no one’s going to throw their CDs around.

Got convinced by a group of strapping lads to go and watch District 9. There’s enough hype about the place, so I might as well get involved.

I just love these boys, and it’s been so refreshing and wonderful getting to know them, and hanging with them in the sun on Saturday afternoons. Talking shit and laughing my ass off.

Watched some of this: Yussus, I need to get to Japan at some stage. What a fucking guffaw bro:

So, Jesus. Amazing film, is District 9 Extension 6 [personal joke] – in that it’s put together extremely well, graphics and location-wise, cinematography in general is pretty special, and there’s none of this Leonardo diCaprio bullshit of put on accents and over-acting.
Creative take on Apartheid too, and if it’s true what they about the hype of this film in the States, then maybe this angle will give some overdue edumacashum into the matter.

Did debate over a glass of wine afterwards – you need one, the movie is heavy going and super violent and blows loser’s complex Carte Blanche music out of the water – but when do you think his frank and beans started to turn alien?

I mean, sorry – spoiler alert! – but his eyeball goes, so it surely must be only a matter of time when his ball goes.

Yeah, interesting frame of mind.

Doc has gone back to the Philippines (what the FUCK am I going to do without Doc and Poen now? Fuck), but Poen gets back in September for a short while, and hell, summer is finally here.

Now I need to force myself to get out more and perhaps appreciate.
It’s hard.

PS: Never order a ‘house red’. No matter how larney the restaurant or location. Good God.

PPS: Don’t you love the cut-outs of the human tetris above? Like ‘Surprise! Not the launching angle you were going for when we swung you a Christmas tree, was it.’

PPPS: Uurgh. Big week ahead. Uurgh. Heels day.


Anonymous said...

i find my angle to your post in the last 3 words! Heels Day! Now you can send a photo of those yummy ankles in some heels! :)

ps. whats a "tetris"? its very close to another word, im gonna ask a scrabble friend if its the same? you know.. like brass tetris? iv been told iv got steel ones.. im a bit lysdeksic.. :)

Peas on Toast said...

Levi - lyksdeksic eh? haha :)
You know that computer game - that FAMOUS AMAZINGLY ADDICTIVE computer game that would fuck up your space bar in the 90s?
Where you have to fit the falling blocks into the right spaces? No?

Anonymous said...

No.. But maybe Beatrix could explain it to me a little later, an im inviting Trixie too, so it could get interesting.. its a game? with my tetris? please be careful! :)

getaway said...

Where do you find these things Peas?!?!? I just read the title this morning and exploded into a tangent laughing. and human tetris. Crazy biatch. hahahahahahahahahaah LOVE it.

Hey where can we catch District 9 in Cape Town - or is it Josie only?

Peas on Toast said...

Levi - who the dickens is Trixie? ;)

getaway - isn't it a HOOT? One of my mates showed me yesterday and I was in hysterics. Apparently it's a whole series, a Japanese game show, and this is just one of the many crazy things they do.
Shitters and District 9 isn't in CT yet? I saw it at Hyde Park, but I'd imagine it should be in CT too surely?

mEeLa said...

District 9 is all over Cape Town - definately on at Cavendish but check the Ster Kinekor website :)

Wow cool movie but check out for the best review i've seen so far...

iamdebbiedeb said...

dying to watch district 9 but japan is at least 6 months behind poo...

almost as good as tetris wa hahaha
xxxx love the way they use the kanji for "gold" to cover up the money shot hahahaha