Friday, August 28, 2009

ciao bella

Sweet baby Jesus.

First thing.

Sitting around a table in a heated argument, where your creative input into a uber corporate subject may almost be sound, if it weren’t for the gigantic piece of green basil wedged between your front incisors.

You deplore into the realms of corporate call centres – the very pit of Satan’s dungeonous Hell - for consumers and employees alike – giving your supposedly very experienced and knowledgeable opinion – which sounds almost plausible, save the fact that you have a fucken veggie garden growing from your front chompers.

Sprung from the salad drizzled in virgin olive oil for the first course. Which you only see an hour later when you smile at yourself in the bathroom mirror. [‘WOAH there. Shit.’]

Don’t throw your CDs at me or nothing, but it negates perhaps every intelligible statement you’ve cunningly garnered up from the deep recesses of your brain.

So, now that I’ve dis-wedged the said profanic piece of parsley from your gnashers, here’s the argument:

Call centres at banks. We hate them; we them, we want to arsenic their coffee. And they hate their jobs, let’s be perfectly frank.

Being a bank, per se, do you think its better they come into work (top-of-the-range blue-tooth equipment strapped about their throbbing craniums):
1) dressed in suit
2) dressed in shorts and slops/barefoot.

Come on. Isn’t moral, or lack thereof, very 2003? Heated debates arose over a Beyerskloof Shiraz, whereby one party argued that the mindset should reflect the bank itself (suit and tie), and the other (me) said that short and slops would at least give them a fucken break.
And maybe they’d actually enjoy coming into work. Whether it’s a fucking financial institution or not.

It’s not that they have to see clients; and frankly, being a call centre operator might just be up there with being someone who has to clean the communal shitters.

If they came into work wearing beach garb, this may create a more…incentivising, if not chilled atmosphere. The other party reckoned – wrongly I believe - that in a suit – dressed like the CEO – their mindset would reflect the business they were selling.

Well pah.

Oh, and the sweet swinging balls of a Spanish donkey.

I did something yesterday – before dinner and wine – very important – that might’ve been slightly mental.
Or less derogatorily, spontaneous. I blame my heavy mindset and other very important factors.

Hypothetically, would you say booking and paying for a flight to Italy for 6 days of pure pleasure is:
1) stupid
2) romantically spontaneous
3) why?
4) progressively lifestyle oriented?

At end of September, I’m booked to go to Rome. I’m meeting someone there.

Cue mozzarella, wine and nakedness.

See, not so stupid now, is it. prioritisation of spend maybe. In line with my goals: travel. A [rather extravagant] birthday present for myself even.

Almost straight afterwards I’ll be in Ireland and the UK for two weeks, but that’s business.

This is pleasure. I don’t know why we chose Italy. Personally I was gunning for France, but now I really believe Italy is first choice.

Good gracious – basta e merdo – I’m going to Italy for 6 days.

The name of Ant’s dog.

Haven’t been there in ten years. Good Lord I’m so excited I could die in a vat of parma ham.

Spontaneity – Italian spontaneity – amidst a life of tedium. Epic. And wonderful. Frankly.


The Chantal said...

I definitely agree with you on the call-centre employee's attire, casual makes sense, they'll be more comfortable and happier to sit there doing their job, I wear jeans, takkies and a t-shirt every single day to work (coz I'm the boss hah hah) and I jump out of bed in the morning excited to go to work, I could never wear formal clothes and be productive. And since these people have no physical interaction with customers it really doesn't matter.

As for Italy, it is romantically spontaneous of course :) I think Rome is more romantic than Paris, which are the only cities I have been to in each of the countries, so it is a good choice in my opinion. Wow sounds so exciting meeting someone for a romantic interlude in Italy! Is it the belgian waffle? Can I ask? :)

The Levi Store said...

so.. you wan some truth Peas..? Whats worse than a financial call centre? Easy to answer... A Timeshare call centre! Yes... and do you know why Levi can blog all day? and Steven can play some days?

Do you want to know....? Its because Levi and Steve have call centres.. in the Timeshare industry!

Now wheres Beatrix? Its Friday at the call centres... and we wear jeans on Fridays! and sometimes...

Peas on Toast said...

Chan - yeah I'm with you 100%. :) You are a COOL boss my girl - it doesn't mean you can't look sharp wearing informal clothes right? I mean, it's not like your employees come to work in their pyjamas. Right?

So yip, I've gone and done something rather extravagant. Not the Belgian Waffle, we're still friends, but no, someone else. Am very excited!

Peas on Toast said...

Levi - serious? So do you do the cold calling yourself dude? That's a slightly better compromise I guess, being able to wear a jean pant on a Friday.
Beatrix is ready for the weekend. She likes to come out and play when she's not wekking :)

The Levi Store said...

Ummm... cold callin myself? not myself... but have stacks and stacks and stacks of operaters on the phones.. seen "the turtle advert" on tv? :) Yip..

The Chantal said...

heh my employees wear work overalls :P nopes wouldn't say I look sharp, wore tracksuit pants this week coz I wanted to be snuggly and comfy, but back in jeans today, very casual, not sharp at all :)

It's good to be extravagant once in a while and this is one of the best types, it'll be an experience that lasts a lifetime :) money spent on experiences brings more long term happiness than money spent on material objects. (or so I read)
Anyways it is just amazingly exciting and adventurous and romantic :)

I'm sure you have a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye because of it :) it makes life so much easier having these things to look forward to hey.

But now who is this mysterious guy, I like to know everything *pout* but very happy for you!

Peas on Toast said...

Ah ok awesome - I think? I mean you're not the one behind the phone, you're the one barking orders to those who have to pick up the phone right?

Chan - yip that's how I see it too - so am so glad you agree with me! As in, no I won't buy that piece of furniture/new shoes/stupid shit that just clutters up your life - I'm going to buy a trip. It's very romantic and fun hey? It's going to be hilarious I think too - am sooo excited and yes have a spring in my step even though I have to collate visa shit for Italy and the UK now at the same time. Don't care and too chuffed for words!

The Levi Store said...

:-) no.. The barkin orders thing is so 70 s . we merely encourage them to make the next call.. But im not on the floor myself.. Its big business.. Iv managers and various levels and what not.. You may well get a call from us today.. :-) As for your italy thing..? Enjoy.. milan is also a lovely city.. fond memories for me..

Secret said...

Zis is amazing. I sought I lived ze jetzetter lifestyle, but you put meh to zhame.

I dont work in a call centre, but I am in sales - I wear jeans and ballet pumps to work every day :D

The Levi Store said...

secret.. the ballet pump and jeans thing works for me.. a tip from a guy? to turn heads..? always wear a heel with jeans.. Its a switch on! Just sayin.. :-)

Peas on Toast said...

Levi - I haven't visited Milan before, but been to the top tourist favourites like Rome, Italian riviera, Venice and Rome.
Milan is very business-fashionisty isn't it?

Secret - I'm a huge flats fan. Heels are for when I razzle.
Levi try wearing heels all day and after you start limping like a cripple, THEN tell me if that's sexy!

po said...

I think it was an utterly wise and sensible decision. Travel and relaxation = good idea. Seize the moment etc etc.

Revolving Credit said...

Hey, when you're working in an inbound call centre and have to take shit from people day in and day out, the more appropriate dress code would be either clown-suit or straight-jacket, depending on your mood that day.

Either clothing item could be made up in the corporate colour scheme if you wanted them to reflect the corporate identity.


Rome, isn't that the place where they feed christians to the lions??..sounds fun!

Peas on Toast said...

haha po I read that as 'Sheisse the moment' - teehee! Yes very sensible indeed eh? ;)

Rev - yip, although not sure if it was lions, I thought it was hyenas :)
And yes, I'd imagine straightjackets are very much part of call centre fashion!

arnaut said...

Banks have become a bit more progressive. I work in IT supporting some of these banking Call Centres and the people pretty much wear jeans every day. Shorts and slops would still be a no-no because it just wouldn't look good.

fromtheship said...

Peas, u gotta go to florence. Everyone who is anyone has a famous puzzle ring from there... or at least they were big on my contiki tour (altho most of us were slightly inebriated). Plus the men are molto sexy - but then again, most italian men are... ;)

James said...

I was in Rome for a few days in June - it's brilliant. Chaotic, but so, so awesome. I'm jealous :-)

Peas on Toast said...

arnaut - yeah I agree, there's a line between completely sloppy and 'I-dress-like-a-guy-who-has-a-masters-in-accounting.' That sounds like the right balance.

hi fromtheship - haha I've been to Florence :) I've actually done Italy through and through, but ten years ago when I was 18, young and didn't mind sleeping in a tent for 3 weeks non-stop :)
It's indeed gorgeous. And the men...hmmm....sometimes, when they're not trying to lunge you in the street :)

James - aw awesome! I'm so excited for a bit of that manicness, I won't lie :)

Nessers said...

I hate you hate you hate you (not really) I am just so jealous that you can afford to do that - I think it is brilliant and oh so romantic - Hope you have a stunning time young peas