Monday, October 26, 2009

back, nut sacks

Yeah it sucks donkey's hairy balls being back.
For one, I am manky.
For two, I am missing him.

For three, I have a mound of work to catch up on. You know when you write a list and start ticking shit off one by one? And then every time you tick one thing off, something else comes up that you have to add? So in essence you never get to the fucken end?

I haven't had a night alone in my house since I went to Italy. Having a mate stay in between then and now, between two trips, means that I haven't had a Peas Night In for over a month.
That's pretty horrific really.

As much as I miss my little crumpet, a night in by myself is going to be absolute unprecedented heaven. I need time to myself or I go a little bit mental and start barking at people. I haven't been alone for one second since mid-September.
It's time.

The novelty will wear thin when I start feeling lonely and miserable, when the inevitable long-distance pining sets in.

Which will

And yes there were tears. Lots of 'em.


totally cooked said...

elegant tears streaming down your face totally not smudging your make up or heaving, snorting and smearing tears? just curious.

welcome and all

Peas on Toast said...

Totally, cooked. Looked a right mess. :)