Wednesday, October 28, 2009

dove's washing detergent

Dove: So what should we have for dinner – chicken frikkadels or mini pizzas designed for kids at birthday parties?

Peas: Both. Bring it.

Dove: So tell me everything.

Peas: [tells her everything].


Dove: Wow.

Peas: Yeah. Except you’re going to Nepal in three days. To teach monks English. Voluntarily.

Dove: Shit.

You’re a saint. Now there’s something you don’t hear me saying everyday.

Dove: I know, am slightly terrified.

Isn’t my little friend so brave? She’s quit her job, and is headed to Nepal for a month to teach a clutch of very religious men the English word. Or at least how to say, ‘Hi, how are you.’

I love Dove. She offers me washing powder for my 8 loads of laundry sitting at home in a disposable Tupperware because I haven’t had time to go to the shops yet.

I can chat to her frankly about any old shit and she just gets it.

In other news, I got a bunch of incredible – new/this century/now – minimal techno music from him in London. It’s all I can listen to.

I can’t get hold of the Mexican Embassy. So what else is new.

I love blush. Probably more than mascara.

Wrenched open my DVD player with a knife this morning. I thought wedging a knife into an electrical appliance would induce a toaster-in-the-bath tub effect. Came out unscathed. But if the CD player wasn't fucked before, it is now.

I am completely high on Nurofen this morning. Hence the scattered post.
Coffee. Now.


po said...

Peas where is that purple coat from? I have been hunting for a purple coat everywhere, I want purple everything, I want to be a grape.

Peas on Toast said...

Po - ok Gilbert :) Yip Grape is the new black, innit? ;)

I got it at Monsoon. It's the colour du jour! Problem is it's too focking hot here to wear now, hmmph!

po said...

Thanks for the tip, love Monsoon, but it is too expensive!

Kate said...

I have an almost identical coat from London, LOVE it... its my lucky coat, I won a Cadbury's hmaper in a business card draw while wearing it.. the organisers said it wasnt fluke it was cos i was in a Cadbury's coat! :)

Twinkletits said...

I fakkin love blush. ;)

Peas on Toast said...

po - yip it'll cost you a set of knackers unfortunately. I got this bad boy at Dublin airport cos I was sooo cold (sans coat). But I like to think the expense was worth it...sigh

Kate - ooooh! seriously?? I'm gonna give that a try - between Ribena and Cadbury's, they should be loving us :)

Twinkletits - and I love your name :)