Wednesday, October 21, 2009

rain overkill

I am exhausted. Back-back conferences all day, hardcore partying every night, lost my only focking coat I own and now am walking around half comatose in five jerseys.
Took a train for 3 hours this morning at 5:30am.

Albeit, amazing conference. I really do work at an amazing company. Floorless, a group who won Britain's Got Talent performed for us last night.

And we drove passed a town called BallyBunionn. Which I thought was pretty funny.

Am in Dublin now - the rain is coming in horizontally, and it's pretty focking miserable mate.
If it weren't for the Irish, I tell you what. Every Irish person I've met - and I've now met quite a few - are really the friendliest, most charming and helpful people on the planet. They're a hoot. Love 'em.

Back to London tonight. And my boy.


Nessers said...

They DO sell coats AND brollies in the UK heheh

po said...

Those dancer guys were pretty talented, lucky you!

Cliffy said...

Peas: Don't knock Ballybunnion - one of the greatest Golf Courses in the whole world. One day... one day (and I do hope like hades it doesn't rain that day!!)

Kate said...

faaaaaaaak peas im so jealous i hate sitting here thiking about how long i have till i have to drive to fourways again... i wish i was there again ;( :(