Thursday, October 22, 2009

losses & gains


Lost items in Ireland:
1 x [awesome] black woolen coat.

1 x bling ring.

1 x iPod. [not lost, but dead. Technologically fucked. Therefore now an iPod corpse. WTF am I going to do without it??]

1 x sleep deprivation of monolithic proportions. Fell asleep standing on the tube this morning. Didn't think I was ever capable of that.]

1 x hand. Got stuck in a bathroom. Handle had broken off door, and had to break out of a room, using full strength of my palm which is now bruised.

Gained items:
1 x new purple woolen coat from Monsoon. Swoon=Monsoon. Sure, I'm a walking human Ribena lookalike, but it's super super super cool.

1 x 'fro. Rain wreaks havoc with my hair. No amount of anti-frizz will cure my do after Irish rain has fucked with it.

1 x bling ring. Found it! Was starting to get a massive LC on all the stuff I was losing/breaking.

Sounds like I lost more than I gained. Not so. The reason, I believe, for my usually fastidious-self losing shit, floating about like a retard, and generally not being all there is because, well, Peas is in love.

Yip. And my head is nowhere.
Another two working days in London, and then I get taken to Oxford on Friday - how romantic is that? Sigh.

Had an altercation with a London cab driver last night. We were so tired from meetings at the Dublin office and general travelling all day, and this cab driver was getting proper aggro about the Chelsea football match going down.
'I fucking hate football.' He said that about 8000 times and then told me I was an idiot.
'You should've hung around Paddington Station for 40 minutes extra. Then you would've made MY life easier.'

Shut up or else I'll eat you for dinner, asshole. Told him to stop and I jumped out and took a train instead.
I had awesome home-made - crafted -he sure can cook - lasagne waiting for me when I got back.


Nessers said...

I LOVE Oxford - it is quaint but big enough to not be a dorp. I love that you still have to pay a toll of 1p to get in *g* and I love exam time when the students all run around in their robes as it is tradition to write exams wearing them - I am jealous - hope you have a stunning weekend in my favourite English town

Peas on Toast said...

Ah awesome Nessers - thanks, and yip it sounds amazing! I have only been to Cambridge, but Oxford sounds gorgeous - I can't wait! :)

fuzzy logic said...

Take your iPod into the Apple store in Regent Street - if it's a recent enough model, there's a good chance they'll replace it for free. Worked for me!
Glad you're enjoying Blighty - good thing you're going before the clocks go back!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks so much Fuzzy - the problem is my iPod is OLDE. I'm writing 'old' as 'olde' because it's that senior, seriously. So I was expecting it to happen - just shite while I need it. Annnnyway, am enjoying Blighty - and have a huge incentive to I guess - and will be here for the clock turning back on Sunday. But only just :)

po said...

Peas you wi8ll be in Oxford! Wow, that's where I work! I will be feeling the Peas vibes on Friday. Hope you have a great time :)

Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

Yeah the fucking weather is shite here in Ireland at the moment (and in general) which is why I've learned to accept the perma-fro I get from the rain. However flicking around TV I saw a 5 minute segment of an Irish fashion show where they talked about this specific problem. They got 3 girls with frizzy hair and tried 3 different treatment. Then they left them off for 2 days and then stuck them in a sauna to see what could handle it. I was most impressed with this thing called a 12 week blow dry, where the girl came out of the sauna looking like she'd just ghded her hair. it costs about 200 euro but for 12 weeks frizz free it seems like a bargain. I even went to far as to make a note of it for further research.

Oh yeah and it's all the rain that makes it so green!

Miss T said...

So sorry i missed you while you were in Dub lass. I would have had a pint with you :)

Glad you enjoyed your trip!

My Words said...

Peas, I am a loyal follower and fan, but never have commented until now. I am so thrilled you are in love!! Yay! And I am absolutely loving how happy and smoochy you sound. But, we have to hear more about this man then the odd reference to him. PLEASE Peazz! Nicks x

The Python said...

Glad you are enjoying your trip. I also have a real thing for London - unfortunately most of my trips are work related - meetings, conferences.

However, we must make an effort to get together for a drink / lunch next time you are here. The chances of me ever returning to SA even for a visit are extremely remote.