Friday, October 16, 2009

red heels =not cool for commute

Went out last night in Fulham with the lovely dude and my mates. What a trooper.

Had to negotiate our way home though. Peas was not loving her heels so much at midnight (I don't know why I'm talking in the third person - maybe it's just because she feels like a different person at the moment. So happy, so utterly enamoured, and ridiculously devilish right now....God....why does it ever have to end??)

So anyway we had no cash. And the bus driver wasn't taking any of my rands, euros or my debit card. Completely unreasonable, if you ask me.
So he let us on. And some 15 year old chav jumped in front of us and screamed 'Aw, look at the lovers then?!'

And he let us ride free. So it IS possible to get something free in London if you try hard enough, and it is possible not to get another arsshole ripped out of you expense-wise.

Although after those cocktails last night, my credit card is a-burnin'.

Amazingly, it's not pissing down. And it's not cold enough to freeze my ovaries off, in fact there was even a patch of sun yesterday between my office building and a parked car.


And tomorrow we fly to Dublin, pick up my hire car and drive across to Galway for the night. Stopping every half an hour for Guinness.

What a pleasure.

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