Tuesday, October 06, 2009

solitary time

God I craved that.

It’s been weeks since I had a night to myself in my little house.

I value my alone time as much as I value my ghd.
As much as I’ve the last two weeks of amazing romance and fun with old friends, all I could think of yesterday at work was:

‘Oh my God. I can walk around naked and listen to Bump 5 tonight.’

Dude. A night in. By myself.

I roared home all excited – ready to unpack two suitcases (one still from Italy), and do my fucking washing. Have a long bath - showers over the last few weeks just don’t fucken cut it – and laze around watching the ‘teewee’. (At least that’s what my German mates calls a television).

I’ve got to that point in my life where I would seriously balance up being co-dependent versus independent.

Both has it’s serious perks for sure.

Too much of one or the other is unhealthy – but shit it’s nice to come home and embark on my little routines.

That is:
1) Throwing a whole suitcase of clothes into the washing machine
2) Listening to terrible socially unacceptable music.
3) Watching Khloe & Kourtney Do Miami while wearing a puffer on the couch.
4) Being in my own little world. Where I can talk to my myself like myself is another person.

I’m on the brink of all sorts of things at the moment, I have a lot to absorb and process, crisis lots is happening.
Have to be objective and clear-headed about everything that’s going on around me. And what’s about to happen.

Work and personal.

I am so excited to go to the UK and Ireland next week, for both of the above. Had a Guinness over the weekend to warm up. That shit tastes better every time I drink it.

We’re going on a roadtrip through Ireland before the work conference. All through those cute little towns, staying the night in Galway, and ending in Killarney. Bring on the cute little pubs on every corner, the Irish, and hotels with names like ‘Snoozles Nook’ and ‘Barnacles Quay’ and ‘O’Grady’s Grotto.’

It’ll be pissing with rain, I’ll be grappling with a brolly, and I’ll scuba diving to the pub for Guinness, but nothing’s gonna piss on my chips.


Secret said...

You know on Facebaook how there is a button to "like" things - I would like to "like" the last 4 posts.
You seem to be in a good space :)

Peas on Toast said...

Ah cool Secret - thanks so much :)
I really am - lots of stuff happening, but am in a scarily excellent space :)

Mini said...

Love the pic :)

Peas on Toast said...


Revolving Credit said...

Hope you emtied the suitcase into the washing machine and didn't just toss the suitcase in? The latter just makes you suitcase start to smell moldy and doesn't really clean the clothes.

This dancing round naked is a big thing for you isn't it?
When in the UK lookup one of the local Wiccan covens and maybe you can find a group who'll dance round naked in a moonlit forest with you.

Peas on Toast said...

Rev - shit. That's why my washing machine exploded. In a foray of suitcase detritus. Thanks bro ;)

Dancing naked rocks.....but I really DO prefer to do it solo. And I think society would agree with me :)

Alexis said...

Im still in Switzerland but im heading to Ireland next week toooo... im hitting up an 8 day all ireland tour... for once im gunna let someone guide me somewhere and just enjoy not thinking.. wooo... Its crazy to think youll be in the same place!

*Megz (using friends google account..)

OH and PLEASE allow annonymous comments ive been trying to comment for weeks and weeks and its been disabled and i dont actually have any accounts that allow......

3rm said...

don't forget: "Who's your Paddy?"

zuzula said...

Back on blogger after far too long and so glad to read that all is well on Planet Peas :) will you be passing thru London on your trip? X

Peas on Toast said...

Hey Alexis/Megz - wooohoo! So you'll be there same time eh? Maybe we'll bump into each other in Temple Bar over a few Guinesses, you never know! :)

3rm - we'll see :)

Zuzu - hello my long lost friend! Definitely coming through London so I'll be in touch - it's on my top priorities list to see you dollface! :)