Monday, November 30, 2009


So there is a bit of life left in the old bird yet.

I had quite a social weekend, starting off on Friday at a braai, where by the end, was drinking cane and lime out of a Chinese teapot. In great company.

Been a while since I drank anything out of a spout, and looked like a deliberated fucktard, but then everyone was drinking concoctions out of dubious crockery. Had more fun this night than I’ve had to months. Woke up gloriously hungover and just went from braai to braai.

Not bad going for someone who has self-diagnosed herself as ‘the arss end of depressed.’

Perhaps all the bingeing this weekend has taken its toll – although what a pleasure to be out and about a bit – Christ – for my sanity alone – but I really am feeling not good right now.

Had another cry after speaking with my emotional grandmother, my grandfather’s taken another turn for the worst, and my folks are running around Ireland at the moment.

Thank fuck I got invited to Thanksgiving lunch on Sunday by my American colleague. It was great to be surrounded by a bunch of excited Americans, being fed all sorts of awesome complex carbohydrates, turkey and all the rest, and not laying in my hammock watching Californication.

I’m battling through it – as in I am finding it emotionally difficult to watch. Perhaps Hank Moody is the catalyst contributing to all this horrible and endless sadness I’m feeling right now – and maybe there’s a little piece of Hank Moody in all of us – self-destructive, cynical and never getting it quite right – but hell it’s not exactly an escapism watching this shit right now.
It’s just empathising with my current concept of ‘life is so fucking shit sometimes, I could scream.’

There’s a lot of stuff going on that’s making me feel very low right now. So to socialise and get out this weekend was nothing short of admirable, thanks very much.


Ruby said...

Ah lady :( *squeeze* I know the feeling. Can only say: hopefully things will look up for you soon.

What happened to the f*ckberry pie?

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Ruby...
The fuckberry piece of eye-candy pie is around - but only really good for looking at sadly :(

wozzel said...

well good on you for getting out there anyway! Rather be out having a good time than sitting at home