Tuesday, November 17, 2009

fitness machine

I’ve joined the gym.

I’m cleaning up my act.

I found it hard to believe that anyone joined a gym because they thought it would be a house full of good times. Until now, that is.

It’s going to be hard, but quite frankly, the thought of torturing myself through the medium of spandex has me itching to go.

Wwas So enthusiastic to turn my life around yesterday, I nearly jumped right onto the treadmill wearing my gold golf shoes (which, are, all the rage in Europe, have you know.)

But contained myself.

The way I see it, it’s not self-destructive torture. And my posterior might – might – even be beach ready for the throbbing beaches of the Caribbean in 6 weeks time.

I’ll thump a whole into that treadmill, row on that machine until my arms squeal in pain, and cycle until I fall off the bike, taking the saddle along with me.

I’ve joined the gym in my office park for two reasons. One, I can impose this heinous torture during the convenience of a lunch break, and two – I know myself too well. If I have to take a detour for a gym, sit in traffic for a gym, go out of my way for a gym, this little project won’t last helluva long.

I need to stumble upon a gym; I need to be able to roll there.

And now I can.

Maybe – maybe – some of my emo frustration will set loose like a pair of Madonna’s doondies, and maybe – maybe – I’ll become a fighting fitness machine whose life is ruled by sport and chick-lit and maybe – maybe – I’ll end up doing triathlons and take an interest in the sports channels on my DSTV decoder – and maybe – just maybe – worst case scenario, I’ll look good in a pair of Gortex.

Or maybe I’ll just get fit and sleep better.

If I don’t die of an ambolism. Training starts lunchtime today.

Seems Dad and I think exactly alike, to the hour. That’s both frightening and welcoming. Eccentricism does love company, believe you me.

Dad: Joined the gym today.

Peas: Get out. So did I.

Dad: No. You didn’t.

Peas: Yes I bloody well did.

Dad: Always been skeptical of gyms.

Peas: Get out. So am I.

Dad: Walking around with a sweat towel around my neck, clutching a water bottle.

Peas: You’re not wearing a vest though. Tell me you’re not wearing a wifebeater to your workout.

Dad: Sweat towel’s draped around my neck. That’s what all the other people do at gyms. Did you know that.

Peas: Why’d you join?

Dad: To get out of the BLOODY wind. Cape Town wind is driving me crazy.

Peas: Fair enough. What’s your workout plan?

Dad: Dunno. Still trying to work out how half the machines work.

Peas: Yeah. With you there.


Nessers said...

Gym is a great place to meet people actually. Everyone (well almost everyone there is always that steroid injecting fool who isn't) is friendly and you just grab a cute well built guy and ask him to show you how the machine works - simple :-)

tyrone said...


I wanna go.

Peas on Toast said...

Nessers - yip, even if he's a great big ball of writhing muscle and he doesn't look so attractive, I'll probably have to ask him how it all works anyway :)

tyrone - gym in the jungle? ;)

tyrone said...

Gym in the jungle - Yup yup! :) A friend of mine just came back - spent 9 days there. She says it was incredible.

The theory behind the whole thing being you live, work out and eat according to 100% hunter-gatherer principles. So for example, if you can't hunt it or pick it, you can't eat it.

No carbs, no processed foods, no sugars, nada... Fruits, veggies, nuts, meat, etc.

All Hail said...

Peas! Too proud.

Gym changed my life.

I was lost and confused (I sound like I'm about to break into out 'Butterfly' by Crazytown...ha! What a classic track) and needing to get back to my shape before the relationship so I joined the gym last year.

And voila I'm now toned and have a slightly visible 6 pack. You don't want a visible one or the men will find it intimitdating - I therefore ate like a horse in winter and it seems to have worked on the man-drought.

Goooooo Peas!

Peas on Toast said...

All Hail - yay! Thanks for the inspiration!
I'm all set to go - my first assessment and workout in one hour. Eek yay!

tyrone said...

Visible six-packs are not intimidating. :) On the contrary...

All Hail said...

My pleasure...

So? How'd it go?

DelBoy said...

Peas, don't waste time in the gym. Check out this guys 8 minute workout. As used by Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone and Selma Blair.

Peas on Toast said...

All Hail - it was flippen difficult - but am glad I have it started! :)

DelBoy - I think I may need more than Charlize, but thanks my dear :)
Have joined so there's no going back now! ;)