Thursday, November 12, 2009


I’m going to Kenya the week after next. For some work.

Will take the weekend prior to check the old place out.
Just feel a bit sad. For one, I missed the boat when Poen was there – only two months ago. But Poen’s boyfriend will be in town to take us out for a few drinks, which is rather fun. He knows places; I don’t.

Nairobbery here I come.

Am super excited really. The last I remember of Kenya is a runway, dotted with thorn trees, back in the days when planes used to have to refuel in Africa on the way to Europe.
I was with my folks, and were delayed for 6 hours in Nairobi airport because the plane had hit a buck on landing. Wild animals used to roam the runway it seemed. Wonder if that still happens.

Otherwise the furtherest I’ve been into East Africa was on a trip to Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.
So this is an all-new exciting experience for me. What does one do in Nairobi? I mean tourists go to the Masai Mara or the coast, and I certainly won’t have time to do that. In some way its nice that I’ll only be tied to one city; one that isn’t romantic like Rome or Prague, or one saturated with history and culture like Berlin; or one dripping with sensuality like Rio.
It’s a hub in Africa, and yet it’s a city maybe 765th on everyone’s Bucket List.

Cool. I’m gonna rip it open.

I might even be by myself for most of this trip, so it’ll be a complete eye-opening me-experience like Israel was last year. Israel was an unexpected little adventure and would’ve loved to have stayed longer.

Wow. I’m going to Kenya. Whole new world of unchartered territory right there.


Revolving Credit said...

If the plane hits a buck on the runway, do you get to strap it to the nose of the plane, as with hillbilly roadkill?

Peas on Toast said...


wozzel said...

that would just be a new name for a whole new blog "mushy buck on toast"


Peas on Toast said...

Wozzel....mmmmm yummy.. ;)

wozzel said...

bwahahaha! peas! you nutter :)