Tuesday, November 24, 2009

sheesh kebab

Last night I caught up with Poen's boyfriend, who is passing through Nairobi for a while. We smashed a cocktail at my hotel and then he took me to Nairobi's best little curry joint - for a spot of masala.

I ordered 4 poppadoms, because they rock. And now have two in a doggie bag.

But sheesh kebab, I am NOT feeling good this morning. Oy vey. Been a while since I had a hot Indian curry, but I feel like the bottom end of a Delhi trouser leg.
Slightly hungover too.

The course I attended yesterday was awesome - super helpful and my presentation went off well. Today, not so sure.
Was so nice to catch up with a friend last night, have some company, chew the fat, and eat a masala, but seriously I'll get through this day how?


Elle said...

hahahaha... so what exactly does the bottom end of a Delhi trouser feel like?

Good to see you're having fun though...

Gosh I haven't been here in a while.. things have changed!

Peas on Toast said...

Hello Elle!
I know it's been forever hey?

Yip am getting into things - masala and all ;)
How you doing my dear?

Elle said...

I am doing great! I am officially a Master of my field whoop whoop!!! busy with the PhD proposal...Peas, hook me up with a real job so I can stop this nonsense.

Secret said...

I can leave comment! woohooooo!
My browser has been corrupt against your blog, it freezes everytime I visit. Whih sucked. but no more.
for now!
Enjoy nairobi!