Monday, December 21, 2009


SAA tried to cancel my flight last night. I burst into tears and had a tantrum - and it wasn't put on, I was genuinely losing my shit all over Terminal B - only because I've been counting the days, hours to get into London. The SAA lady was telling me to calm down because I had 'MURDEROUS INTENT BY FIRST DEGREE' frothing by the mouth and tears everywhere. So she whacked me onto a Virgin flight, premium economy. I've never flown that before. Wwhere they serve you a glass of champagne as you sit down, you have another foot more legroom, you get a menu at dinner, and all sorts of other little things that make flying 11 solid hours much, much more bearable.

And here I am. In London, with the Brit. Well, actually I'm in the office for a bit, and nearly face-planted twice on the deceptively icy ice - it's black - so whose to know? - on the way into work after coffee, kisses and bagels.

Fuck it's nice to be here. Neever experienced London during Christmas time. Lights everywhere, still remnants of snow everywhere, and minus three degrees. It's festive and amazing - am in heaven....

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