Saturday, December 19, 2009

the trips I am doing...

...over the next three weeks. Flight wise.

Johannesburg---> Cape Town
Cape Town---> Johannesburg
Johannesburg---> London
London---> Mexico City
Mexico City---> Cancun
Cancun---> Mexico City
Mexico City---> London
London---> Johannesburg.

BA is no longer striking! It must've been because they were listening to me. That must be the only reason. What a flipping relief!

Oh, can you say Deep. Vein. Thrombosis? Shitters.


po said...

Thank god about the BA strikes cos for some reason my SA local flights are with them. But there are talks of strikes later in Jan, eeep!

Have a fantabulous holiday! Can't wait for your Mexico stories, enjoy the wheelchair :)

DelBoy said...

It's not the BA strikes that you have to worry about, it's the snow in the SE of England!

Please post a photo of yourself in the wheelchair!!

alex said...

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George Harison said...

Good Luck for the trip you have planned. Enjoy your journey.
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