Thursday, December 10, 2009

roof lifting

Got into my night time negligee last night and thought, ‘Seriously? I need to go out.’

Dressed into something more acceptable and went to my brothers – where we polished off a bottle of wine and ate spag bolognaise, which they proudly announced as ‘Spag bol, with peas and carrots. So you get your salad all at once.’

Delicious. I love those dudes. Of course, they also own Brian, my dog son, a canine angel, and I bought him home with me again last night. And will be at work with me today, chilling in our office, eating biltong and snapping one off on the golfcourswe rough.

We had some interesting conversation last night. Surrounding the obvious affliction of eating three bean burritos in Mexico. And being there for a good two weeks. And then chili con carne for breakfast. Beans baby, I’m concerned about the beans.

What with a nubile hot thing travelling with me.

What the fuck am I going to do? Well, the boys gave me some options – one called ‘the Silencer’ which I shant go into at the minute, but it involves soundproofing.

I don’t pooh, but I won’t pretend that I don’t get bloated. Jeeeeeezuz. After that food, and after a 13 hour flight to Mexico City from London. I’m just saying: it has been something I have been thinking and neurosising about for quite some time. I mean, I can hold it all in – and I have, for weeks on end. But is it practical? And fuck it gets uncomfortable – mother’s hair.

Anyway, relieving to have such a blunt conversation with a group of people, purely on a biological basis. And the need to be ladylike and without-air as much as possible in my short life.

PS: It’s Dove’s birthday today and do I have a corker for her.

PPS: Speaking of methane gas – Brian sure knows how to drop one. Crisis, what are they feeding him, cabbage?

PPS: Will announce winners for the Top Gear World Tour competition next week.

PPPPS: Brain’s the only creature I’m happy to let lie on my flokati rug. Although, there have, admittedly, been naked people romping around on it in the past {myself included], but even so, I don’t have beef with Brian when he sprawls out on it.

Although he did snore the roof off last night. Crisis, Brian.


All Hail said...

Try being in a Tiny cabin with 3 mates on the Sinfonia this past weekend with 'drinker's belly'! ha ha

Your best bet is going down to the lobby loo before you hit the pool deck. Thats what I do anyway!

Peas on Toast said...

All Hail - mates I can do, long distance lovers I want to curtail all bodily functions...

I'm going to have to find the fire escape at each place we stay in...

Kate said...

From Meid Update: :)

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Peas on Toast said...

Bless :)

Charmskool said...

Two words for you: Charcoal tablets. As for Brian, I'm starting to feel about him the way you feel about the "Hamster". It's love I tell you. I'm beginning to fantasize about the two of us going for a walk on the Sea Point beachfront and him attracting all those male dog owners to my side. And feeding him tasty titbits of gravy coated dog bikkies and biltong and buying him toys.....oh sigh.....

Peas on Toast said...

Charm - ooh charcoal tablets! I like this - this is a SOLUTION. A solution via medical tablets. Thank you :)

I'll let you date Brian anytime. But break his heart, and I break your legs. Have him home by midnight :)

The Silent Me said...

Got me a Brian again (well not exactly a Brian but a Shar-pei) I realized us lowly humans just can't live without the warm loving of a canine. photo's soon to follow