Tuesday, January 19, 2010

anatomy & tv tongs

It’s been a rough couple of days. So imagine my delight when I saw that Grey’s Anatomy is back on the tube.

Break out the piñata and bring on the ‘tong. Bill Tong. Pete’s brother.

It’s party time.

Fuck yes, and I haven’t even missed the first episode.

Granted, my retro Comodore 64 exuse-for-a-television is giving me uphill. I had to pull out the dsTV smart card about 8000 times during the Kardashian marathon this weekend, simply because my screen just goes blank.

So I've taken to lying on the couch with a pair of braai tongs.
So that I can pull out and re-insert the dsTV smart card without having to move any of my body parts.

Like Mr Bean with the ticket dispenser.

My satellite dish is also acting as more of a water catchment wok, than a reliable signal transmission device. What with the daily afternoon typhoons we’re having at the moment.

Bummer about George.

My mate reckons they killed him off because he was gay.
‘Yeah I heard.’
‘Serious. I was taking the piss.’

Double bummer.


Monkigirl said...

I did a Grey's Season 5 marathon this weekend to catch up, and as far as I know George hasn't expired yet. Don't ruin this for me!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Sorry Monki.....er...he's still alive I think....

Monkigirl said...

Oh well, I'll keep the tissues handy. As I always do with Grey's. It's really just a snot-fest, isn't it?

twistygirl said...

just like Monkigirl I did the season 5 marathon and my friend video taped last nights show. I shall ignore the George line!

Aasia said...

Peas did you see the medi help ad, just after they rush the girl in who went into the boat's propellers. the meduhelp ad came up showing some dude water skiing with the tag line "we cover extreme sports" but back to Greys, did you see how they laughed at the end of err the funeral?