Monday, January 18, 2010

mexico in sizeable chunklets

So. Mexico.

I’ll break it down into sizeable KFC Pops chunks for general consumption.

Mexicans cannot say the letter ‘V’.
First seen where a dude was singing Madonna’s ‘Like A Birgin,’, to the woman who told me I could buy bodka at the Seben Eleben, to the guy on the pier trying to sell us a snorkeling adbenture. Pity Spanish speakers don’t drive more Bolbo’s or are named Bibian.

We snorkeled with turtles, we chased a shark over a reef, and we snorkeled in a fresh mineral water cave.
The cave even beat the shark and the turtles. Wetsuits, flashlights and fucking terrified, you swim through these little caverns with stalactites and stalagmites everywhere, and it’s dark and hectic. It was an amazing experience.
Mexico City is sinking
It was built on shady sinking soil. As a result you can see that some of the more historical buildings are all a bit higgledy piggledy – the place is becoming a sinkhole. It’s still the biggest city on Earth, as far as I know, and it just rolls on for hours and hours. It’s a toilet, and yet it’s got some beautiful buildings if you venture into the right places. It’s also freezing. Elevated at 2300 metres above sea level, we froze at night. It’s a crazy place.
Cancun is overrated oberrated.
We realised this the more we ventured south from the place. The Caribbean seaboard is beautiful. The sea is a mixture of Listerine and electric turquoise. However it’s difficult to get to the beach in Cancun and it’s way way way commercial.

Seems like it only takes two tequilas to get me hammered these days.
Discovered that drinking it with an orange slice rather than lime makes for chunder avoidance.
One of the best quesadillas I had was on the street.
Not on it, but at a street vendor. The food is yummy, and amazingly enough, I managed to avoid eating 8000 million types of bean. I am obsessed with salsa.
The most spoken Spanish phrase used there was ‘No grazias.’
I picked up a bit, and most people in the smaller towns no habla ingles. But people try to sell you shit at least every hour on the hour, so you end up mostly saying ‘No thanks.’
Cozumel Island, the town at least, might as well be in Florida
There are lots of yanks. And Canadians. Everywhere. However, sitting at a New Orleans chain called ‘Fat Tuesdays,’ I realised that the yanks have bought America to Mexico. You can buy anything in US dollars in Mexico – in fact they expect you to. And seem to prefer it.
The Aztec and Mayan Ruins
We climbed the third largest pyramid in the world in Teotihuacan, and swam at a beach in Tulum surrounded by ruins. Surreal.

We went to an international music festival
The BPM festival comprised DJs from across the globe who played some sharp beats in clubs on the beach. The chick on acid who was trying to grab people’s testicles as she slid passed while walking like an Egyptian. Was interesting.
One of the best days was hiring a scooter and going around Cozumel.
The thing backfired every five seconds, and I was scared after breaking open my knee on a scooter in Thailand, but it was awesome to find deserted beaches, blowholes and little places on the bike at our leisure, out of the crazy Yank-filled town.
It was expensive, but it was completely worth every cent and every second.


tyrone said...

Wow... What a holiday. You make me wanna bisit meggggiko!

Bery bery cool pics!

Something else bery nice with Tequilsh...

1 x Orange slice
Little bit x brown sugar
Little bit x Nescafe instant coffee granules

Dip rim of the orange slice in the coffee.

Sprinkle some little brown sugar on the slice.

Drink Tequilsh.

Eat orange.

Peas on Toast said...

Tyrone - sounds yummy! Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. None of this 'I just swallowed petrol and am now dousing flames with lime' bullshit - it's awful. Your recipe sounds awesome :)

tyrone said...

Please tell me you've seen this:

BLD said...

Meshiko sounds like a bery bery nice place! LOL... Thanks for the "chunder avoidance" tip! :)