Monday, January 25, 2010

evergrowing glossary

One thing, no matter what is happening – and trust me lots is going on right now and it’s more than a little super shit – that will keep me laughing is the glossary of Englishisms I have collected over the last 10 months.

I have an actual glossary now, I love it:

Hiyeah. That’s how the phone is answered.

Awright? That’s also how the phone is answered. Or any other face to face greeting with someone familiar.

Dialed Not what you did to phone someone. You have it dialed; you’ve nailed it.

Dig a hole. To squeak some takkie. To cut a rug. To break an egg open on the dancefloor.

Neggie Negative. ‘He’s being a bit neggie about the whole thing.’

Yummers. Yummy except better.

Wubbish Rubbish, bollocks.

Boozer A pub.

Reebs Beers.

Going down the pub That’s how they say they’re going out. There are a whole bunch of prepositions missing from the sentence. ‘We’re going down the pub.’

Widda widda wicked Very cool.

Gaffs Cigarettes.

Barnett Hair. From Barnett Fair. The fair in Barnett.

Berlin Walls Balls.

Kuwaiti Tanker A wanker.

Barclays Bank To wank.

Posh ‘n Becks Sex.

The Liza Liza Minelli. The telly.

Cacks Male underwear.

Alright! Different from Alright?. More like ‘Relax already.’

I am sat at a pub Not ‘I am sitting.’ Also in context of ‘I was sat next to a freak eating Marmite on the tube.’


Rémy, The Quill said...
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Rémy, The Quill said...

Queue (noun): Depending on the geographic location, it is either a line of people waiting for something to be done, or a line of people praying that something will be done. In most places, it is the former. In Africa it is the latter.

Slut (noun): No such thing. There are only penis enthusiasts.

Something (noun): When you hold something with both hands and there are still five inches left...Now that is something.

Hubby (noun): A half-erection that is full enough to cause an embarrassment, but empty enough to be of no use to anyone.

tyrone said...

155 votes Peas... Is that a record?

Which one did you choose?

Matthew said...

My God, you're still doing this blog?

Sadie said...

Allow me to begin your Australian glossary:

J'wanna go bottelo?: Do you want to go to the bottle shop (Liquor store)

Evidently, it is too hard to say a sentence with more than three words.

Peas on Toast said...

Remy - I LOVE penis enthusiasts!

tyrone - the Bic nib one...I think :)

Matthew - you're still alive too? No ways!

Sadie - 'bottelo?' hahahaaaa I heard they call beer 'bottles of piss.' True?

Sadie said...

True, but only in reference to English beer.

Monkigirl said...

I think I speak for all your readers when I say we really really miss your daily posts. Hope everything is ok and that we'll get more posts from you soon!

Nessers said...

I agree with Monkigirl

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Nessers and Monkigirl.

Yeah I've kind of retracted a little, for many reasons, but I'm glad to hear I'm being missed somewhat :)