Wednesday, February 24, 2010

cartology by night

Finding the microwave-TV appliance statue a little distracting, so as I do, I turned to Street View.

If Google Street View was a man, I’d marry it.

It’s arguably the most overwhelming, incredible technology on the planet. And it’s just getting better and better:
Herbeys, France

This is the tiny little village I lived in in France. Comprising a few houses, a boulangerie, and this little square. I used to sit on this fountain sometimes wondering how it came to be I was Maria Von Trapp. Looking after 7 kids in this tiny little piece of heaven.
Whistler, Vancouver, Canada
They’ve Street Viewed the Winter Olympic village. You can now ski down the pistes. Fucking incredible – check the little dude even has skis.
Northern Finland

They’ve done the Nordics. The Scandinavian northern expanse can be seen, if you’re planning a roadtrip in a Volvo, to see the Northern Lights. This is what it would look like in summer.
Look, it’s Sveeden. And that is someone’s Sveedish house, with Ikea furniture inside.
Climax, Michigan

Looking forward to seeing these gems, and these are real: (Did they smoke crack on the Mayflower?)

Ding Dong, Texas,
Dickey, North Carolina
Crappo, Maryland
Goofy Ridge, Illinois
Frog Suck, Wyoming
Bible Grove, Missouri
And perhaps the best: Tightsqueeze, Virginia.
Bible Grove, Missouri
Colorado City, Utah

Where Mormons thrive, subject of many a documentary. Can’t find any wandering the streets. Or anyone for that matter. Looks a little desolate. Maybe because people who come here get bashed over the head with a wooden crook/stack of Bibles/find themselves married to a guy with 53 wives.

Where I want to be right now:
Going there for a bit in March means much frenzied excitement.


Peter said...

I just love the fact that the town Tightsqueeze is in a state that starts with Virgin.

Peas on Toast said...

Peter - good point! ha ha ;)

Boomkind said...

Search for the address below then go here into street veiw and look behind you.


Peas on Toast said...

Boom - LOVE it! :)

mamastella said...

Love London. So jealous :) xx

Peas on Toast said...

mama - I know I'm a very lucky girl :) I love London too. It's one of my favourite cities on Earth.