Thursday, February 25, 2010

put a donk on it

Discovery of the century.

Was told about the concept of 'donk' last night. Donk is a very localised sub-culture, pertaining to the small, industrial city of Bolton, northern England.

It's sort of ravey up tempo music, comprising 3000 beats per second. 'It doesn't export well,' said my friend, 'Hence why you've never heard of it. Hence why most of Britain hasn't heard of it.'

Donk is too sophisticated for those in southern England, and by 'southern England', that means anything south of Manchester.


It's farking hilarious, not to mention slightly scary. Donk culture and donkland can be seen in this unbelievable donkumentary:

You need to put a bangin' donk on it yeah.


Rory said...

Simon Reynolds wrote a great piece on Wonky a while back. It must be a cousin of donk.

Peas on Toast said...

Rory - oooh so Donk has related variants in fact! My friend was adamaent it doesn't export well (for obvious reasons), however it seems that it has transformed into ...Wonky.

I love this, how classic.