Tuesday, February 09, 2010

dude jibber jabber

Watched Grey’s last night sandwiched between a bunch of males. Not a bad way to spend a Monday night.

Noticed that the chit chat around the world’s most emo series, is slightly different amongst men.

While chicks will go, ‘Oh shame man,’ or just cry, guys will do this:

Dude 1: Bru, is that chick still munching the other’ chicks rug.

Dude 2: Ja bru.

Peas: Hey would you date your cousin if she looked like Angelina Jolie.

Dude 3: Ja bru. Why.

Peas: No apparently my mum says I have a hot cousin in Seychelles. This propelled me to a new low. Where the only way now can be up, or die.

Dude 3: If this oke gets a liver transplant he’ll be right as rain.

Dude 2: Ja he’ll be hundreds.

Dude 3: Ja good to go.

Dude 1: If that guys squeezes his balls he’ll get a hard on.

Peas: Guys I also have a family member that lives in Australia that sells Pool Gobblers. He’s an agent. Am I living in The Castle.

Dude 2: Check there’s an ad on for Pool Gobblers right there. Is it the same as a Kreepy Krauly?

Peas: Realised have researched my family history to the point where it becomes ugly. I should’ve done the French Royalty side.

Dude 1: The oke just pegged.


po said...

Haha but Peas, royalty are notorious for getting up to dodgy deeds, not that I am implying your family did anything dodgy!

Billy said...

Am i the only person who thinks Greys is crap? I used to like it but now i think its unnecessarily sad and miserable. Could be that watching my mom die is making me run from emo stuff though. It’s a challenge to my marriage that I have to sit in the same room and read while its on!

Peas on Toast said...

Po - hah, dude I reckon they did ALL things dodgy. They all ended up in the Seychelles with only a handful of people with which to spend their sexy time. At least that's how I see it ;)

Billy - Yes I can't say I'm mesmerised by this season, it's crap! I thought it was only me!