Wednesday, February 10, 2010

shia khan the speckled tiger (hair issues)

Found two grey hairs in my head this morning
Two new ones. On the other side. Where they don't normally grow. Yanked them out in the traffic and have taken a Denial Approach to the whole thing. It didn't really happen.

We did Knife Craft last night.
The Ant's wedding is fast approaching, so us bridesmaids have been given tasks. Luckily Ant made us drink a lot of merlot during, however cutting shapes with a craft knife is not one of my recognised talents.

What else can I get rid of this week.
I'm thinking either the defunct and useless Verimark stationary bicycle in my study, (everyone falls for buying at LEAST one peice of useless gym equipment in their lives. If it's not the fucking Stairmaster, you'll buy that electrode belt that vibrates your fat away from the comfort of your own couch while watching Kendra.) Or, maybe, my pots and pans. Haven't used them in 2 years, let's be honest.


Anique said...

Are they good pots and pans? If they are, keep them, you might change how you feel later in life re. cooking :)

Peas on Toast said...

Anique - Nah I think they're very very replaceable :)

If I get the urge to cook, I'll be sure to invest in Bauer ;)

Spear The Almighty said...

Lol! Yeah, gym equipment is just as useless as having a gym contract.

Peas on Toast said...

Spear - I know, and we all fall for it thinking we're going to be different.

I have a gym contract as well. What a joke. Maybe I should put that on gumtree as well.

Billy said...

How much for the bike? Wife says i never get her anything nice for Valentines, this will change that misconception.

GnT said...

Peas...Love your work! But what's with the irregular posts? I know your life is in crisis and all but I need my daily fix here ... :)

Richard Catto said...

If you want to sell your shit, use Ads are free, they go live on the interweb immediately and into the next print version.

I've sold shit the same day I've placed the ad - quite fucking surprised by the speed of response actually.

Gumtree is for spammers and losers, in my experience, no offense, blah blah etc.