Friday, February 12, 2010

sugar cane farms

I've got some sort of crazy stomach bug.

On the day where I'm flying to Durban, meeting mates, and all of us are stuffing ourselves into a Golf Chico and driving up to Zululand for a mate's wedding weekend.

Lest I forget that February humidity on the Natal coast is only navigateable with a meat cleaver, and I'm gonna need to stop at all the Shell Ultra Cities dotted amongst the sugar cane in order to take a ladylike yack.

In thirty five degree heat.


Albeit, am rather excited to get out of Joburg and hit some sugar cane farms with awesome friends and attend a beautiful colonial wedding. Haven't been to this neck of the woods since I was a lightie.


MamaMeeA said...

Hey Peas!
Do yourself a favour - run into your nearest Dis-Chem & pick up some pro-biotics & mag phos tissue salts. They'll settle the stomach in no time!
Enjoy the wedding!

Peas on Toast said...

Mama - thanks man. That and LOADS of water!

wozzel said...

hey Peas :) trust me, its cooler this weekend than it has been this entire week! We have had a SCORCHER, but believe me.... You could have been here last week and you woulda been a mushy pea in that Sugar Cane!

Enjoy the wedding and ENJOY KZN!! woot woot

cassey said...

Enjoy the wedding and humdity :p