Monday, March 15, 2010

back in 'don.

Wow, it's like I never left.

Except that this time round, there's no crunchy snow everywhere, ice that'll kill ya, and the sun is setting at 5pm, as opposed to 2pm.

It's good to see my little Brit again too of course.

Managed to get quite raving pissed on Saturday night - we went for dinner and then hit a club on Old King's Road with some friends. Might've been the sambuca, but hell.

Am back in Londres and rock 'n rolling. I was on TV today - for a chat show on book writing I did for e-TV. Couldn't see it myself, but hopefully I looked slightly respectable and not a complete tool.

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Champers said...

Aah, missed you on tv. Dude, aren't you also going to be on that 'Let's chat with Mel' on Wednesday?

Look at you, dominating the small screen! I was re-thinking the whole dissing the Brits that went on during comments of one of your previous posts, and actually, some of the nicest people I know hail from the UK, although usually not from central London, usually the outskirts.

Have an awesome time!