Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my list revised

From my list thus far:

The Darkness
Either we really are about to die because climate change is heading towards the apocalypse of 2012, or it's because I'm wearing my Lucky Red Shoes - probably the latter - but, jeepers people, the sun is frigging shining here.

It's bright, the skies are blue, and I've got a lot done here workwise. Life is good. I'm meeting Poen after work for a gossip and wine catch up. And loving being with my little Brit too. It's like we were never apart.

The public, pubic, transport
Yeah. My French friend here reckons, the Brits aren't that big on armpit hygiene.
'That's quite a statement coming from a French person, in all due respect.'
'Ah oui, but eet eez true. Zey are smelling so bad in ze trains.'

Thus far, the thing that bovvers me, is that when we're all stuffed, chockers, standing nose-to-nose, is that my freaking PC satchel seems to whack every head sitting around me.

My bag smashed someone in the face this morning, and it's pretty difficult not to. How the rest manage to manoeuvre themselves with handbags, coats, briefcases and such without bashing anyone around the ears is beyond me. A skill one learns, I'm guessing, after years of cattle-type squeezing on the trains during rush hour.

The Rain
Not a drop thus far! The Brits seem to have this endless positivity towards their typically shit weather situation, and even though it's predicted to bucket down on Thursday, I get 'Aw yes, It'll rain Thursday, but it might even be a scorcher.'



cassey said...

Glad that you now have some more plus points for your list and that the trip is going well.


Peas on Toast said...

Thanks cassey!

It's great to be here :) Sun is shining though, so that might be something to do with it! ;)