Wednesday, April 28, 2010

april in paree

After work, my colleague and I went shopping.

It's always a risk going shopping in Paris for three very simple reasons:

1) Outfit jeopardy. You always look less than fit walking in.

2) Bankruptcy. You can easily spend your pension, mortgage and consolidated savings on high fashion. In a space of 10 minutes.

3) There really is a frightening number of stripes.

On the stripes - they have ripped the ring out of Le French red, white and blue. And frankly, it's fantastic. I have already bought 3 skirts, 2 tops and had to physically abort the mission when I almost bought a pair of blue and white striped ballet pumps.

(My orthotic won't fit into it...........I am going to burst into tears soon over this fucking podiatry nightmare).

So will be decked out in stripes this winter. Ahoy there sailor.

Paris has been wonderful. The weather is bright and sunny, sun only setting at 9:30pm. We are staying right in the centre if town, a gooi from The Bastille.(Which de Sade was jailed in....and therein wrote lots of porn. At one stage.)

Every evening after a full day conferencing, we all hit the cute gastro cafes for some juicy wine, while walking cobbled streets, stealing kisses with my Brit, and embarking on gastronomic heaven.

Everyone is so chic and beautiful. I'm practically floating through the days' sessions.


kyknoord said...

Stripes? Cool. So does this mean we get to play "Where's Wally?", but with Peas?

zuzula said...

splendid! i hit the london shops today - sorry credit card :(

Philippa said...

erm, sounds rather nice tart.

Peas on Toast said...

kyk - oui oui! Bring on the petits pois!

zuzu - yay, I'm glad I'm not alone in clothing mortgage :)

p - hello little fuckbag! am missing you!