Monday, April 26, 2010

paris in the springtime

I am sitting overlooking the Paris Opera House, from our Paris office.

Wow, what a view. In absolute heaven.

I haven't been to Paris for 11 years. And realised again how beautiful this city is, it's breathtaking.

Only had one fight with a local. He sold me a painting in Monmatre and because I hesitated ever so slightly, he refused to sell it to me. i had to practically get on my knees, say I'm sorry and beg him to take my money for the painting. I said he was a rude fuck, and he said tourists are ruder.

Proceeded to debate this and then hug and be friends.

That's Paris.

So amazing to see my boy too. We all walked down the Seine river yesterday, stopped to drink a beer at the Eiffel Tower, after a hard night's clubbing somewhere, and falling down stairs the night before.

My boy had to carry my handbag everywhere. It's been amazing to have him here to experience such a romantic mushy city together - what a little dreamboat.

And the food and wine?


Secret said...

Were this facebook, I would "like" this post! :)

Très jaloux!

kyknoord said...

Reminds me of my travels in Africa. Of course, we called people like your boy "bearers". Does he mix a good G'n'T? How is he with your elephant gun?

Serge said...

How come you never said to me you were in Paris??!!
Will you be around the office tomorrow afternoon?

Peas on Toast said...

Secret - merci beaucoup :)

Kyk - he certainly knows how to make a white russian? Word and serial :)

i had no idea how to get hold of you, so thank heavens you came to this spot eh?

I'm in conferences all week, except Friday I will be in the office, PLEASE come and visit, oui oui??

(Everyone's here btw, we should all go out like we did in tel aviv, monsieur!)