Monday, May 10, 2010

decades & housing

Rather boozy, movey weekend. Fuelled with the usual. Good wine, heels (sans orthotic) and friends.

The Dove gave me this necklace from Nepal last night.
She has the exact same one. I shall wear it forever. It's a silver and turquoise stone endless knot of luck. I'd never pass by on a tangible token of luck. Isn't it beautiful?

We got pissed last night. On her balcony. I decided I want to be an actress.
So we wrote a script. And this morning realised, after quaffing a litre of 'Summer Pine,' to quench the Gandhi's Slip Slop taking residence in my pie-hole, that it'll never happen. And really, it's fine.

All my mates are turning 30.
And in 4 months time, so will I. I should be freaking out, buying Botox and a Stair Master from Verimark, but I'm not. We're all hitting our next decade. I wonder what it'll hold. I'm actually fucking excited. Because it can't be as crazy and turbulent and unpredictable as our 20s. I'm not buying patio sets and buckets of tile grouting just yet, but the good news is I could, if I wanted to.

Went to Doc's 30th yesterday. His family always serves the most tender fillet in town. Crisis it was good.

My Brit looks at cake totally differently to the way I do.
Bless, he has such a sweet tooth. His face actually visually lightens up when he looks at cake or chocolate. Look, I like cake as much as the next person. But if I got marooned on Aldabra without chocolate, I'd be fine for another 20 years. What would kill me, would be the endless pining and sufferage I'd face without cheese.

I think I may have found myself a prospective new home.
I have been scouring the UK interwebs for a room in a place to share. Somewhere as close to work (which is in Victoria) as possible. I'd rather pay more for the rent than the commute. I'll be spending a fortune, but if it means I'm in a cool, peri-central area, close to work, I'm game.

I hope this lady gets back to me on this amazing-sounding flat in Earl's Court. On this road: (How idyllic?)

Sigh. Call me. Call me. Call me.


mamastella said...

London. Man, oh man do I love the place.
You are very lucky!

Holding thumbs for the appartment

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks mamastella! Am so excited, I really really hope she gets back to me! :)

Peter said...

Hey Peas,

Earls Court is okay, wouldn't say I am it's biggest fan though.
Have you tried looking in Pimlico or perhaps Battersea for a place?
If being close to Victoria is high up on the priority.

All depends on budget and proximity to other things than work though I guess.

If you would like any advice on London etc. (although I am sure your friends can probably advise better than me as they know you), let me know and I can see what I can do.


Peas on Toast said...

Hey Pete!

Advice is always always readily accepted, so thanks so much!

Not sure if this is relevant, but earls Court appeals to me because I wouldn't need to change tubes to Victoria at all. Anything further out from that, I'd probably have to change. Anything closer to Victoria, (like South Ken), is suddenly a lot more expensive.

also it seems quite central, in that it's close to shops, amenities, etc etc, close to the Boerewors Line so I can get to Saffa friends and my Brit who is in Putney, and of course close to work.

But that said, I've heard that one has to be careful on WHERE one lives in Earls Court. This seems very close to Warwick street which is a tumble to the tube station.

So there's that, but am also looking in Pimlico as you suggested. My cousin found an amazing place there, and I could actually walk to work. I've seen some stuff there, so am also checking it out all the time.

If it was up to me (and limitless budget,) I'd probably choose Marylebone or Sloane Square. But sadly that's only if I win the lottery :(

So give me your suggestions! Bearing in mind I'd like to be as close to Victoria as possible, and probably lean towards SW1-6.

MamaMeeA said...

Gorgeous necklace & I hope you get the pad you want in London!

Hitting 30 isn't that bad. I have to say that I noticed a bit of a shift in my perspective in general but mostly I'm still the same me... ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Mama! She's a doll isn't she?

Yip it's the shift in perspective that is starting to happen and it's wonderful! :)

The Chantal said...

Very nice necklace! How's the Dove taking you moving away? :/ omg and what about Brian, shame.

Don't know London etc, only been there as an 11 year old, so those areas mean nothing but I would definitely also pay more to be close to work, how far does the bf live from that flat?

30 for me in 6 weeks time! lol everyone really is turning 30 this year, that and having baby girls.

cassey said...

Awesome necklace. The street looks nice :) I think that 30 seems awesome,big party :)

Peter said...

Lived for a while in Hogarth road and it got a bit tedious quite quickly.
You have to put up with a lot of traffic and loads of people around show times etc (the Arena and the Olympia are close by).

Budget no option, I would choose Richmond (not too sure now that it's gone Tory under Zac Goldsmith) but still a great area.
Pimlico has quite a few doctors living in the area.
Putney, Southfields, Wimbledon etc are the haunts for Saffas and cheap rent (quite a lot of MP's live in Wandsworth Borough and voted in low council tax rates).

Victoria itself is on a number of lines so you could live almost anywhere in zone 1 and still be close. If I was living in zone 1 though I would get a place close to work so as not to pay for a travel card, expect prices to go up again quite soon.

I have loads of alternative places to go to if you have an interest in those sort of places.

Peas on Toast said...

Chantal - yip, she's pretty bleak, and am pretty bleak to be leaving her! I went through some old blog posts years ago and cried tears when she did her 'London thing' too...:(

As for Brian, let's not go there. I want to to kidnap him and take him with me..:(

Yip Brit isn't too far from here at all though :)

Yay for you being a 30-er too! I sense good times ahead :) xxx

cassey - thank you! She's replied and is interested! woooohooo! :)

Peter - thanks for your info here dude! One thing about southfields/Earlsfield/Wimbledon--->SW19/20? I don't want to live in a Saffa area. Also it's far far from work. I'll obviously head down there to visit a lot, but in line with my objectives, I want to integrate with Brits as much as I can :)

I know Wandsworth has the cheapest council tax, and Clapham is also part of Wandsworth, so looking into Clapham as well :)

Richmond is amazing, it's gorgeous! again though, it would take forever to get into town. But DEFINITELY worth a few drinks and strolls on the weekends. Love it!

Either way, will hopefully rack up a few options to view over the next few weeks, so when I get there I can view and choose. Am tremendously excited now :)

Peter said...

Yeah, SW18/19 are far away.

If you get a fast train from Richmond you can get to Waterloo in about 20 minutes or so, it's not as far as people think it is.

Another thing to beware of is estate agents over there, they are sharks and some of them will take your money and run.
Also look out for the stealth fees, read the fine print and ask about any sundry charges.

It is all really exciting getting ready for a move and then living it out.

I am sure you will love London life and everything that goes with it.
It's an absolute blast and you will learn a lot about the world and yourself.

Champagne Heathen said...

Indeed. Never let it be about patio sets! Even though you know have all the means for it to be, if you wanted.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks so much Peter!

I'm getting really excited. There are going to be some seriously challenging/adapting/oh-my-god-i-can't-take-this-weather-a-second-longer aspects to it, but I also think it's going to be a lot of fun :)

Champagne - put it this way, I won't be bringing brochures on weekends away ;)

blackhuff said...

My hubby say that the best time in your life starts when you turn 30. I don't know because I'm not 30 yet but I can take my hubby's word for it because he is having a ball with his life and being 30.

Enjoy your 30's

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks blackhuff! Here's hoping ;)

cat said...

Oh I love that necklace. And you know - 30 is great - it is such an empowering and great age to be. I loved turning 30, hec, I even loved turning 40. Life begins at 40 I say.

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The Divine Miss M said...

You're going to live in an area filled with Aussies?


Kel said...

Im also thrilled to be turning the big 30.Im over my 20's!
Im in Suisse-if you ever want to ski and eat 50 kinds of cheeses -come stay in my spare room!
Good luck Peas!
p.s: I was ill in bed last week and re-read your book.I love it so!-it reminds me of home!:) :)