Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the life of pie

Over the last three weeks, I have received two very applicable emails.

I've had few interesting emails sent to my Peas account over the past five years.

The memorable ones include:

1) A guy offering to collect my stuff from an ex-boyfriend's house for me;

2) Diemersfontein Winery informing me that they'd be sending me a crate of their pinotage;

3) Steri-Stumpie informing me they'd be sending me a whole bunch of chocolate milk next week;

4) Various fan mail from those who loved my book or read my blog;

5) Various hate mail from an ex boyfriend/scorned readers;

6) Jack Parow asking if I'd be so kind as to promote his new video Dans Dans Dans. (Sorry guy, I forgot. Am a massive fan.)

7) Editors pestering me to get shit done on deadline for my various columns/freelance articles;

8) People sending me links to their blogs;

9) People writing to say howdy, or sending me something suitably relevant.

10) Responses to my ads on Gumtree, flatsharing and unpaid traffic fines.

But whatever. The two ladies who sent me emails about their parallel universes were wonderful to read. Two girls, mind you, who have also met British chaps. And are in love. And are moving over to the country of red buses and crumpets. As a result of.

Which brings me to my life in pie chart.

These are the reasons, split up into sliceable chunks, of why I am moving to the UK.

The emails were great to read, for these very selfish reasons.

1) Misery loves company.

2) I am not the only person in the world to fall in love with someone who hails from a wet island over 10 000 kilometres away.

3) Does this make me (and my situation?) very nearly almost slightly normal?

4) There are others out there feeling and doing the same things as I.

5) They are as happy as I am.

Trust me, it's like eating a punnet of Haagen-Dazs reading the details of these emails.
I am not alone.


default said...

nice to be mentioned

The Chantal said...

Geez why would you get hate mail from people who read your blog? lol weird, I dont remember anything that people could take offense to (maybe you could publish a few snippets, would be funny)

But I remember someone posting a crap comment and then you took away the anonymous option, I thought that must have been the guy you'd just broken up with (I left comments on other peoples blogs which he replied to and always fricken arguing with my comments, I think he's a prick so I thought he could be the type to do something like that) and I always thought why did you go out with him coz you have an awesome personality and he seems narrow minded. You know who I'm talking about right.

Geez bangers and mash (lol can't believe it made it onto the pie chart) - what about fish and chips - I really want to have fish n chips served in newspaper in england one day. When are you moving over????

Peas on Toast said...

Chan - ooh yes, the comments roll is a whole other kettle of fish. There's been some crazeeeee stuff thrown up here. I think I finally cracked when I had the fiancee of an ex lose her shit on this blog. The drama got a little ridiculous, so no more anonymous comments.

Have an idea as to who you're mentioning there definitely. And thanks so much Chan. Hey, you gotta kiss a few frogs right.... :) At the end of the day, it doesn't even matter anymore, as to who they are, or why, or their agenda. In the grand scheme of things it matters not :)

I TOTALLY forgot about fish and chips! Crisis! With...very importantly...mushy peas! in a newspaper. Drizzled with vinegar. What a pleasure!

I got my final start dates last night! Very excited - I'll be going mid-July. Just after the World Cup :)

Better book my ticket now, eeeek!

junenineteen said...

3 peas in a pod it seems...

8 weeks! x

cassey said...

Hate mail, that's just so sad of the person who sent it. The pie chart is awesome.

Peas on Toast said...

june & default - here's to crumpets and earl grey....;)

cassey - thank you! LOVE a good pie chart :)