Friday, June 11, 2010

it's electric

I have to say, that if I was already in England right now, I'd be feeling very homesick. I'm so lucky that I get to be here during such an amazing time in South Africa. The spotlight is on us, we even have our own Doodle.

My flag is flying and the vibe on the streets with the vuvuzelas and patriotism gives me goosebumps. The World Cup is here and it's an incredible time to be a South African.

Tonight Dove's sister is having a kick-off party, where we either come as Mexicans or Bafana supporters. Considering I never bought a sombrero in Mexico, and only own a dead cactus at home, I'll be proudly South African. One week until my Brit gets here, and am so excited he gets to experience South Africa at a time like this, I'm so proud.

What an amazing way to end my chapter in South Africa before I make the exodus over yonder.
I shed a tear yesterday when I was driving, realising over the past few weeks how much I am going to miss home. I am definitely going to get very homesick sometimes. It'll always be home, and I'm feeling emotional about leaving when everyone is being so patriotic and embracing the South African culture so much.


Pop Tart said...
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Pop Tart said...

Yesterday I too shed a tear. Watching the kick-off concert on my laptop in Washington DC. I am so proudly South African today and not being able to be there to feel the vibe is torture. All I can say to everyone there is embrace it and share it with the world!

hansmeevis said...

I promise you Peas, you will meet the best South Africans outside South Africa.
Just like you, the cream always floats to the top.
I don't mean that bad to my buds still in SA, and I miss the old SA something fierce, but I don't think you will regret your move ten years from now.
Hans Meevis

Epskee said...

Saffa's the world over are reminiscing and regretting not being home at a time like this.

I swear we can hear the vevuzela's all the way over here in Sydney!