Wednesday, June 09, 2010

easy does it

I haven't slept in two days. Wondering about fertility and when to get this damn op. And whether it would help my cause at all.

My British aunt and my Brit have both been amazingly supportive. Both looking up for private health specialists in the greater London area, and getting me armed with information and choices. I'm now more confident that I can have this done in the UK, provided my private medical aid foots the bill. Which it should, apparently.

In the meantime, I'm taking stock. I'm cutting down on dairy and red meat because apparently that exacerbates the issue.

As does stress. Which is what I've been experiencing for the last 48 hours. In between trying to get my tax sorted, selling stuff, looking for flats in London, packing, closing accounts and having Dad stay, and gearing up for the World Cup for when my Brit arrives. All of this has become a bit much.

On fertility, this is what scares me the most. I didn't think it would, but maybe I am more partial to procreating one day than I even realised. Women have options these days, but it's still something I am fearing more than I ever anticipated.

Amongst all of this, I decided a few days ago to start investigating Vitamin D lamps. I;m being dead serious.
I'm going to a country that isn't exactly renowned for it's bright, sunny days and am trying to avoid getting seasonal depression at any cost.

My Brit told me that someone at work had one at her desk.

Peas: I'm going to make a Vitamin D lamp contraption on my desk, I'll be the envy of everyone.

Brit: Well....I think they just might identify you as 'that weird Saffa bird who is suffering without the sun.'

Peas: Ooh I found an online catalogue, what do you think? The Acapulco Sunlamp looks rather good? And it comes with its own stand!

Brit: Oh my fucking god.

Peas: I'll erect it next to my desk. My entire department will be the sunniest happiest people in the building!

Brit: You are NOT buying one of those.

Peas: And why not? [I'm half taking the piss at this stage, but half not]

Brit: Because it looks like a granny heater. Are you going to an old people's home?

Peas: Your reaction completely exceeds my expectations.

Brit: Are you serious? That thing has just jumped out of the 70s.

Peas: Come on, won't people like it?! It'll shed light on everyone around me!

Brit: Dear God.

Peas: Like, everyone can benefit from the Acapulco Sunlamp! You said another girl has one?! Does it look like mine?

Brit: No it's about 8000 times smaller. This selection is downright bloody ridiculous.

Peas: I think it would be great! I'd get a tan while I work!

Brit: I could fashion a better looking Vitamin D lamp from the shit in my man drawer.

Peas: I'll ask one of the geeks if I can use his plug point. 'Hey Thor! Can I plug this in at your desk?'

Brit: I think all of the lights on your floor would dim as soon as you plugged that thing in.

Peas: It comes with it's own mounting table. Do you think I'll be the subject of ridicule?

Brit: All the people around you will be blinded.

Well that made me laugh at any rate.


Spear The Almighty said...

I'm sure everything will work itself out Peas.

Peas on Toast said...

Spear - I sure hope so...;)

cassey said...

That lamp is the awesome, I'm sure your future office mates will love it ;) It's awesome that your peeps are giving you such great support. Another thing that helps is talking to people who have the same condition as you, so check out more blogs and there are some forums. It helps a lot, you'll learn about tons of new things faster that way.