Thursday, July 29, 2010

oh dear

I have had 30 pairs of shoes delivered to my house by two very robust looking Polish men.

30 pairs of shoes, about 7 coats, 45 dresses, 8000 shirts of autonomic description, 5000 scarves (one knitted by me when I was going through a grantastic phase), and 6 bikinis.

What the fuck am I to do with this stuff?


1) Dispense to council estate across the block
2) Dispense to council estate across the block and get merged with the sharp end of a broken bottle because someone'll complain that this shit isn't Burberry
3) Find an Oxfam
4) Send it back to Africa and hope it gets dumped on the sandy expanse of Chad
5) Have a pavement sale of said items and with the profits buy a bunch of accessories for the toilet
6) Whack it up in the attic and forget about it

I know my mother's going to read this now and Skype me with a strident I told you so.

Of which I'll reply, 'Do you want me to send you some clothes?'


cassey said...

How about keeping those you love, gift some of it and give the rest to charity.

Flirty 30 said...

I will happily take some shoes off your hands and out of your way. (I'd say some clothes as well but I fear you being a 34B or something of the sort - your clothing will not wrap around the Twins - 36C and bulging!)
Good luck finding place - but I reckon stick it in the attic - eventually you'll have your own place and can let them roam free!

Anonymous said...

Donate them to BP. I believe they're looking for ways to soak up all that oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Art Jeweller said...

Had to do the same thing. Eventually I dumped my shit in the rubbish bins--I couldn't get anyone to take it!
Did manage to give some to Red Cross though.

MamaMeeA said...

Two words: Sell it.

You get rid of stuff you don't need/want and get something back. What's the bet half of that stuff is barely touched?

Then you can use what you make from selling the stuff you sell to buy yourself something nice for your new possie. Or splurge it on a night out with that Brit of yours...