Monday, July 26, 2010

ponies, ale & countryside

Well that did me the world of good.

The Brit and I headed down to Bournemouth for the weekend. The Brit grew up in The New Forest, in Hampshire close by. And so we went down to stay with his folks for the weekend, chill, go out, meet his mates and eat an extraordinary amount of food.

I go mental for bangers and mash. And if I'm not careful, that Heathrow Injection is going to evolve into a Deathrow Injection.

God it was nice to get into a car again.

The Brit drove us down south, me a cold beer in between my thighs, and wind in my hair.

Got down to Bournemouth to stay in this impressive and hilarious beachfront hotel, The Royal Bath. It was the Brit's Dad's birthday (the main reason for us coming here for the weekend), and went to a huge bash held at this beautiful, white hotel.

It was properly Fawlty Towers, albeit more luxurious. The Brits are eccentric, if only by their hotels.

Although hammered, we didn't get much sleep. The chandelier would rattle if someone on the top floor closed a door, and we had stairs above us, because we could hear every creak and step the whole night. The curtains were plaid. There were little blue crests embroidered into the carpet. The carpet looked like the floor of a pub, come to think of it.

Just quintessentially British - grand, unchanging, fraught with quirks and 1970s florals.

I love it.

Brit's home town, or village, rather is gorgeous too. I stayed here with him and his family over Christmas, ('It's 3 'o clock! Queen's on!') but it's amazing in summer. Green, tiny little muddy streets, and wild ponies everywhere.

It's one thing going to the bush and seeing a stray lion. Quite another going to the English countryside and seeing wild ponies just running amok.

It's amazing. There we were, drinking a fine pint of Ringwood Ale, when a wild horse comes up to our table and starts rubbing its rump. It was scratching it's arse on our table.

There are everywhere, just running across roads, lying on the side of the road, chewing the cud in the forest. If you love equines, then Ringwood is one place you should probably visit in your lifetime.

Poen is back in London this week, and I move house tomorrow. I think I may be starting to settle in, ever so slightly.

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