Tuesday, July 27, 2010

protein on a plate

The evidence of last night's supper picnic.

How chuffed am I that the Brit is as obsessed with cheese and cold meats as I am? How's this for a protein platter?

Starting to get into a rhythm now, I am happy to declare. Wandered back to my flat after a few gin and tonics with Poen (Hell it was good to see my mate. Yestuhday,) and met up with Brit for dinner.

Where we pillaged Tesco's and bought a fuckload of cheese to eat with our wine. The supermarkets here have a mound of choice when it comes to the good things in life - so 8 types of goat's cheese and a whole bunch of cheesy exotica like 'Shropshire Blue Navel,' and 'Channel Island Double Cream Brie.'


Now that's what I'm talking about. It's moving day! I move to my new pad tonight. Both nervous and excited.


Peter said...

If you like the cheeses, give this place a try:

You can combine it with a trip down Brick Lane or one of the other uber trendy places that are popping up around the Shoreditch area.

If you like the french cheeses, there are quite a few French farmers markets that pop up all the time.
Or you can pop in at Borough Market and food shop (you will also leave wondering where your salary went).

So many options and so much choice, one of the truly great things about London.

cassey said...

Ooh lots of cheese, awesome :) Hope the move goes well.

夏瓊陳詩蓁富 said...


nicole said...

yay peas welcome to Londonium !

I've been back 3 months tomorrow (13 years before then + a wee 18 month stint in Jozi) and you are gonna love it here !

Get yourself to Liberty's for an afternoon tea :)


Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys! The cheese set my head right, today I feel I can conquer the world thanks to cheese, oh glorious gooey cheese :)

Pete thanks again for the local advice - you should write a London guide dude, you're good!