Friday, August 06, 2010

dinner pahties

Decided to take course of action, as per Poen's suggestion.

I left a Sticki Note on the boiler with, Dig's dinner Thursday? on it.

Poen is a bright spark you know. What a difference it's made, wow. The Ozzie and I were even hugging last night, over bottles of South African wine (the dodgy kind, sold at Tesco). The guys made dinner - two amazing curries, complete with Naan bread and all the bits, we pulled the table out and had an awesome dinner.

Th concept of my 30th coming up in September came up, and the Ozzie says:
'I know! We'll have a broi for Peas!'

A broi?

Ah. A braai!

'We have all the equeepment, a bahbeque outside, we'll have a broi party!'

I must say I was touched they're even considering have a braai for me. Bless, none of them are South African and yet they're willing to do something for me that reminds me of home.
I thought that was seriously sweet.

(On the domestic note, haven't talked about bathing versus showering again. Think this isn't going to be a subject we throw around lightly in future.)

My Brit came over after moving into a new place himself, and we finished off the night with a few nightcaps and flopped into bed.

I feel much happier about the home situation. At least for now. And it's the weekend.

And the weekend in London - even though I'm hanging today - is always a boundless concept.

PS: I am missing my mate Dove. So much. And thankfully she's missing me too:
Subject: I think it's truly unfair that you left me here and I think your should reconsider.

Hello. I miss you fuckbag. Would you mind coming back? You can move into our spare room. With the Brit. Think about it...


He's such a grump in the mornings, it's hilarious. 'Baybe? Babe. Seriously. Will stop slamming the bloody door?'
Had a dinner party in my digs last night. My head is pounding this morning after drinking cheap South African wine from Tesco. I might be making friends tart....I think. You never know with weird foreigners. Especially those who are funny about bathing.

Great. So that means you'll consider it? Superb. I can make you toast every morning. Does the Brit like peanut butter?

She'll be here for a few days in September. I can't wait.


Gail said...

I think your dove and I should start a paypal campaign;

"donate now to send these two sorry asses to visit their respective BFFs"

mine moved to Geneva - bitch

aaaaaanyway, or we can start an I-got-left-behind support group? :)

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彤彤 said...


Peas on Toast said...

Gail - do it!
Now you're talking, a big reunitation of BFFs in Euroland, with lots fo wine! :)