Wednesday, August 25, 2010


How's this for some spontaneity.

Yesterday, at around 2:00pm central atlantic time, a group of us have decided to go on a girl's trip.

Bearing in mind, i'm going to Stockholm this weekend with my boy, I have a few South African mates out at the moment, so we're going to Guernsey.

Channel island, wedged next to France. It's so random. Girls weekend! Let's go to Ibiza! No lets go to Guernsey! Wtf, so darby, we are in hysterics.

One mate doesn't have a Schengen, usual story, so we have to stick to the British Isles. Guernsey seemed nice.

We're flying. That's the most hysterical part of the whole deal - I mean, we will be in the sky for all of 15 minutes by the looks of things. Take off, then land in Guernsey.

Orioginally we were thinking Mallorca, or Menorca or something Spanish and sizzling.

Now, we're going to sizzle in Guernsey. And weirdly enough I've been to Jersey before too.

Bring on the wine, quaint little quasi Franco-Anglo cottages and sea decks, I'm about to fly to Guernsey.

Then it's Sweden. Too much excitement for these little trips away.


Zet said...

You're one lucky lady! All this travelling is making me wish I could go overseas just for a bit. Glad you are finally settling in. xoxo

MsBehavn said...

Hooray for girlfriends and spontaneity!

It's so random that I had to find out how to PRONOUNCE Guernsey. Yes, I know - plebs are me ...

Hope you have a ball!

Peas on Toast said...

hehe! Thanks guys, these spontaneous random trips are definitely the best, especially with yer mates :)