Thursday, August 19, 2010

never in moderation

Sleeping over always necessitates some form of logistical admin.

The overnight bag filled with [in no particular whoreder]:
1) Lube
2) Fresh doondies
3) Outfit for next day [crease-free items that can be scrunched]
4) Toothbrush and deo
5) Makeup bag
6) keys, iPod, wallet, travel card, phone
7) laptop

Except that after a few glasses of South African piss rouge with the flatmates, I left my makeup bag.

Late and frantic this morning, I exited the Brit's house without my face on.

Look, if I was wandering the streets of Cambodia in cheesecloth pants, I wouldn't care. If I'd just been on a run, [very fucking likely], I wouldn't care.
If I didn't have a crusty nose and sinus-induced bags under my eyes from a cold, then I probably wouldn't break into a sweat.

Except that I had on a new ho-pink bright dress and smart blazer for a breakfast meeting on Oxford Street - dressed for the part, save my mug. Not a drop of foundation on me.

I even checked the Brit's underwear drawer to see if he had a secret stash of foundation in there. Just in case. And in hindsight, bloody good thing he didn't. That would, I imagine with horror, deserve it's own blog post(s).

So having no makeup in one of the world's most stylish cities, where everyone looks tooled up and ready to fight using a Maybelline sabre, isn't ideal.

So I dashed into Boots, bought myself a whole blush and foundation pack, had no mirror, so just kind of rubbed it on, missed my train, and only realised after aforementioned breakfast meeting, that I looked like a cast member out of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

The blush I had purchased in a frenzy and had emblazoned all over my face was discotastic, the type with glitter in it [gak!].

And so, I have been going about my day of spokespersoning in very serious tones with Barbie powder on my cheeks.

And nose.
And chin.
And forehead.

What a slice.

It's Poen's farewell to London drinks tonight. I envisage cocktails and pink blusher making a comeback.


po said...

Oh Peas, you are a hose, wish I had seen it!

kyknoord said...

As long as you didn't brush your teeth with lube, it's all good.

Anonymous said...


MsBehavn said...

Flipping hysterical post, Peas!!

Peas on Toast said...

po - haha, bless - a hose with a pink nose I tell ya :)

Kykie - now THERE'S something I'd like to try at least once.

MsBahevn - can I interest you in a b lush pack - free to the first bidder of course! ;)