Wednesday, August 18, 2010

epiphanies that will enlighten the furniture

This is me. With a slightly different face. It pertains to below.

When you wear a girl t-shirt with heels, that makes it formal
Offices in London are corporate. I work at a 'playful' company, yet I still see enough pinstripes around to make me squint.

So I wear my tourist shirts (like today: I [heart] Berlin) with heels. Am I a fashion genius? The correct answer would be yes.
How do I know this?

The PA: 'I love the way your shirt compliments your heels.'
Peas: Er...really? (Wonders whether he just found this and read it.)
PA: You're just too cool for school. And that's something coming from the gay guy.
Peas: I love you.

My British aunt is taking me to a Chinese herbalist
Apparently Dr Hong is going to cure me of any ailments I even DON'T have.

I've been booked for a consultation this weekend, and he's that Chinese in that he needs running commentary from his personal translator to tell me if he finds anything. My aunt is very new age and very esoteric and says he's a genius.

Still deciding about the acupuncture that he throws in with the consultation. Does having needles stuck into, say, your temple, painful?

It was sunny all day today
I know this because I was staring out of a window.

I wasn't licking the window
Which is something I may or may not do when I feel...retarded.

I have a hair sticking out of my nose that I've wanted to wrench out all fucking day
Will go home and yank. And then wank. My Brit gets back from Dublin tonight. Grand.

I'm really starting to enjoy my job
I'm starting to cash checques and get numbers. Not actually, but I just wanted to say that. I'm getting there though. Dealing with journalists all day is proving more and more interesting.

I'm going to Brighton on Friday
Group trip. I believe it's Britain's most visited beach town, a few hours from London, pebble beaches, a huge gay culture, amusement park and fish and chips everywhere. Sounds alright, innit then?


Stacey Rowan said...

Great to hear thing are going well!

Brighton is beautiful, one of the prettier places in UK - you'll love it!

totally cooked said...

so proud you were not licking the window - good girl

Peter said...

Tell me if you get sick of hints and tips.

If you are in Brighton and you can do your own thing, check out Momma Cherri's soul food shack.
Decent food and stuff.

Don't be tempted to get fish and chips anywere near the beach, had the most disgusting stuff from there.

SpecialK said...

Haha, Peas!! You always put a smile on this dial! Thank you:)

You'll love Brighton, btw.