Tuesday, August 03, 2010

w000t lol <----die

My shoes are starting to fit me better. The blisters on top of the blisters are starting to grow a pair and heal the fuck up.

My London Feet are well on their way to becoming accustomed to long, plodding journeys to train stations.

I'm starting to get to know my house mates. One who is this green energy global environmentalist who flies around the world and has lived in 11 countries.

I've been so over-tired - this place both exhausts and energises me - that I had to be carried to bed last night after the Brit ran me a bath.

However, I've noticed a slight shift - could it be that I'm starting to settle in a bit? Work may be confusing and strange, but I am starting to feel more indifferent about the stress and the pressure I'm putting on myself.

Could this mean, could this actually mean I'm starting to get this big city, little country, work space and environment a little more?

Or is this a cruel foil by the universe to lead me into a false sense of security? If so, damn you draconian dork of a universe!
I am still reeling at how much I have to fit into a day everyday.

This is how the Dove and I have decided to communicate with each other from now on. We both hate textese.
When people LOL themselves to death and rip the ring out of LMAO, it drives me nuts.

So we henceforth decided to embrace a new style of long distance communication.
Because we love to hate it.

Peas: LOL! LMAO! WTF! U R such a G8 M8, LUV U! MISS U! U MAKE ME LOL SO HARD! ROFL!I ♥ U! We shud hav a Gr8 Db8, or a dubbel d8! btw brb! L8ERZ M8! PS: ASAP, howz lyf @ home? text mi.

Dove: Hey, hzt? Hw R U doin? Wzp there in Lundun Twn? Tings R gud here, Gr8
ac2ally. M8. R U goin' 2 da paa t in Scunthorpe ts wknd? So x i td 4
it. Gunna tk sum x t c m8 (minus the '..ight') B ? Going 2 B awsum M8.
Pty @ m i joint afta. L8r. innut.

Peas: OMG LOLNESS! W0000t! U 2 ad x t c wuz it gr8? i l♥ v tha w8-t you say 'ac2ually', it's gr8 m8, neva 4get the gud tymes. Wen R U @ Berlin l8erz hzt brb btw asap, I wuz lyk 'WTF?' and he wuz lyk 'WTF ROFL?' text mi.

Dove: Sup bbfeaeae hw u doin?!?
So 2 day i did summin dat wuz awsum cz, like, saw dis dude, right, a e
sed “wzp” ’nd i sed “wsp wit ju? M8?!” ‘Nd e sed “nufink, like. Wsp wit ju?!” ‘Nd I fawt, ang on, i jst sed dat. ‘nd den i
sed, “m8, we bof jst sed dat 2x, like!!” LOL. ‘Nd e sed “Oh.” ‘Nd i fought: wha’
a wnka. Enywy m8 jst wn2 say miss u cuz u mk mi LOL LMAO.

Peas: Holler mi back m8, lyk R U Nsyde or wot lyk? 4eva dis will B lyk LOL x5000.luv u 4eva, FYI. YT?

Now back to being an all important serious PR person - did I mention that by the way? I'm a PR pony now? - and use big words for small things.

Verbosity, even truncated, is gargantuan.


kyknoord said...


SheBee said...

Jesus dude. I have a fucken headache trying to crack this code.

Glad you're slotting into life there. I miss the fact that you're not in SA anymore, but somehow you just sound like you belong where you are now.

SoberSannie said...


Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - wot woz dat m8?

SheBee, LOL X 6000! I sure hope so m8. I hav 0 idea if Im slottin in or jus hoverrin above ground....wait, why am I talking like this?


Sober - and I'm 29. Not 13.
Now THAT'S scary.

Secret said...

Okay im ashamed to say I kinda got most of that (although some of it is still foreign) BUT it was hi-freakin-larious! XD