Thursday, September 16, 2010


30 years old and 1 day, woke up so tired I actually didn't know what to do with myself.

The Brit had taken me up to one of London's tallest buildings near Tottenham Court Road, where a restaurant on the 32nd floor showed 360 degree views of the city.

I had the truffle risotto and coddled hen's egg with morteau sausage.

We both drank the Chianti.

I was a happy little poenjayjay, that is until I woke up.
Maybe it was the double benders of the weekend and the late night on Tuesday. Either way, I am suffering from sleep deprivation of monolithic proportions. I woke up retarded.

I almost fell asleep during a meeting (and was so brain dead I can't tell you what the meeting was about, except that it was important), I was falling over things, couldn't construct proper sentences, and by the time 6pm home-time rolled around I nearly burst into tears at Victoria Station.

The Brit was with me, and bless him, took me home and tucked me into bed. Where I slept pretty much until now.

I remember him vaguely asking whether I liked tomatoes (?).

Brit: I was you like tomatoes?

Peas: We ate tomatoes together yesterday.

Brit: Well I know you hate gooey, slimy eggs, so thought maybe the middle of the tomato would freak you out too.

Peas: No. It's really ok.

I know I get tirder quicker these days, and I need more sleep than ever before, but I've always been a prolific sleeper.

Next to sex and Camembert, sleep is one of the most amazing things in the world. I need a lot of it in order to function. Most people need 8 hours, for me, optimal is 9 hours.
Except I don't have the time to actually have 9 hours of sleep anymore. I can barely get 8 at the moment.

And as a result, shit falls apart a lot quicker.

So I've decided to forego being diligent and getting into work an hour early anymore. I'm going to instead, sleep. And come in at the usual time.

Frankly, I need a fucking lie-in.


Secret said...

I, too, am a prolific sleeper. Sleeping is one of my favourite things to do.
My issue now is that I live with a boyfriend who detests sleeping because "its wasting your life away" and proceeds to stay awake till 3am every morning in an effort to savour the day and prolong the night. Most annoying when he potters around the house making a noise and waking me up every ten minutes.
So last night I told him I was going to bed early and that he had better not wake me up. Thankfully he listed and I woke up fresh this morning.

What is this story of 9 hours of sleep? For the min, yes! haha. I am happiest when Ive gotten in a good 10 hours! :)

Beansy said...

I used to work on the 10th floor of that building, wish they had had a restaurant 5 years ago. They did used to make us do fire drills though and the staircases are on the sides of the building. Was scary enough from the 10th floor, always felt sorry for the people on the 20's up!

cassey said...

I love getting lots of sleep, I'm ok on 7, but I prefer getting 9 or more hours. I don't always get 9 hours though cos my husband is an early bird :-/ Hope the Brit enjoys sleep as much as you do.

Peas on Toast said...

Secret - I am with you all the way. The Brit can function on 6 hours, for me it's a disaster zone. I get grumpy as fuck.

And ten hours would be PARADISE.
If I had enough hours in the day that is...

Beansy - oy vey we were just thinking about that last night when we were there, as in, how do these people do fire drills - funny that! But amazing views :)

cassey - I need to turn mine into an early bird. How do I do that? Seven hours is what I'm getting at the moment, and my functioning world is falling apart....

kyknoord said...

Oh dear, are the effects of old age kicking in already? The only thing that can save you now is insomnia.

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - sadly, yes. Insomnia would make a nice change...