Tuesday, September 14, 2010

dirty flirty 30...

...and freaked out. And yet strangely satisfied. And yet freaked out.

But more strangely satisfied.

Have been spoilt rotten by my Brit, who presented me with a gorgeous watch this morning, amongst other lovely treats - wow, I was blown away.
And have definitely felt the love from friends from all over the globe.

Tonight I'm dressing up and being taken somewhere (will wear my new nude stiletto's. Nude is the new red), but have no idea where I'm being taken. Which is rather exciting.
The brief from the Brit was to dress up.


My flatmates baked me an amazing cake in the shape of a 3 and a 0, delicious, with the huge effort of added sprinkles and silver balls, in the pattern of the Union Jack.

The gave me a 'Brit themed' 30th, and bought me this amazing Cool Britannia handbag, in an effort to Britannisize me.

Bless. My mate bought me a cushion of the same theme, which the Brit slept on on the night bus home on Saturday.

Altogether spoilt, loved and happy. What more could a 30 year old ask for?


Val said...

Hope you had a fabulous evening - believe me the 30s are better than the 20s, the 40s are better than the 30s - seriously true!!
Have a ball and happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Back fat. But don't worry. Now you're 30 it's on its way... *evil grin*
Happy 30th Peas. London is the best place possible to be in your 30s. You'll love it.

po said...

Happy birthday Peas! Welcome to the pensioners club. Apparently it is more fun here. We shall see.

Gail said...

Happy birthday!!!

Secret said...

Awesome! Sounds like a good birthday.

I'm 25 on Sunday and I think I have a quarter life crisis. Really. Where did the years ago? And how does one cope? I have decided on lots of alcohol to help me cope... :)

Stacey Rowan said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

They say 30 is the new 20's - where 30 year old's are settled, have their life pretty much sorted, financially stable and know who they are.


Have a cocktail for me....

cassey said...

Sounds like a great way to spend your birthday. Have fun.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks chaps!

I've made it to the other side!
I'm not dead, yay!

Secret - for you: I dealt with my quarter life crisis with alcohol. I had about 3 in my twenties. I think it's the only real viable way to deal with it, truth be told. :)