Thursday, October 14, 2010

brick avalanche, the sequel

If Guido had family members in the Mafia, would he be more reliable?


The debacle continues.

The landlord phones me again last night to say that we need to get a cat. And then says that we need to sort out a parking permit for the builder so that he can re-erect our shonky roof.

I was wondering around Next while this call was being taken, and ended up screaming at him in the coats aisle.

Peas: You are taking the piss dude. We're NOT getting a fucking cat.

Luigi: The neighbours a-have mice. Everyone-a has a-mice.

Peas: Are you serious? Are you actually serious? I don't give a flying toss, we don't want mice running over our kitchen counters, even if it is the trend in London.

Luigi: Talk-a to the a-council. They-a canna put a-poison in the a-kitchen.

Peas: Great. Sure.

Luigi: Then-a go to Wandsworth-a traffic a-department to get-a parking-a permit. Only 45-a pound.

Peas: Dude. We have jobs. And I'm away next week. We can't just go and hang out at the council. No. This is your responsibility.

Luigi: I'm-a also away-a.

Peas: Where?

Luigi: er.....Italy. I'ma- going-a back to Italy.

Peas: You are such a piss taker. Get stuffed.


A few ciders later at the pub, the Brit and I started to talk seriously about buying a house. If for any reason, to get rid of landlords who smoke crack all day and take the piss.

God I'm annoyed.


Secret said...

Snap - my bf and I were talking about house buying last night too!

Peas on Toast said...

Secret - I tell ya for all the benefits of sharing a house - getting shacked up, living with your partner, being able to furnish it all nicely, an investment,....most people tend to overlook that they'll be LANDLORD FREE!

So the house hunting henceforth starts :)