Friday, October 15, 2010


Off to California tomorrow.

I've dusted the cobwebs from my aviators - which hardly get much use these days stuffed in the back of my underwear drawer.

I've swapped my sunglasses for a beanie in other words.

Time to turn that scenario around, with promises of Californian sunshine and fast cars.

I'm thinking 'Danger Zone,' I'm thinking 'Negative Ghostrider on the Jackie O's,' and 'Fuck yes on the Ray Bans,' I'm thinking 'Vitamin D on my English-coloured legs', I'm thinking 'Mexican burrito on El Camino.'

Which evidentally, is a road I'm staying on in Silicon Valley during the week.

On the fast car, all my colleagues travelling with me from the office, are renting cars. My Irish gay friend though ("I'm a gay. Your boyfriend is gorgeous"), is renting a fast car.

Whatever that means, we'll be cruising around Golden Gate bridge and Fisherman's Wharf (he got food poisoning there so refuses to go there ever again) other parts of the city in his zooty vehicle.

I'm getting excited.

Just a little bummed out about the 12 hour flight across 6 time zones though.

I hate jet lag.

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